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Postby SnapDouggie on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:19 pm

OK for all you pencil wielding geniuses out there, I'm looking for your help!! I write, edit, letter, color, layouts, character design etc..... I do everything but am not able to illustrate my own works. That's where you come in, I need someone in Australia, more specifically Wollongong (anywhere would work though) to work with me. As mentioned I take care of almost everything. If you have even a bit of talent I'm sure we can work together. Please message me here or check out my Facebook page: ... 5560798238

we do fun weekly challenges, and you can check out my digital covers that require an illustrator to fill them up with greatness, a couple shortened comics I have already done, and some fun talk in general.

You can also follow me on twitter:!/SnapDouggie

Or you can follow my creative thoughts on comics and the business at my blog page:

In any case, I know I'm no professional, but I Believe myself to be a decent writer and if someone steps up and takes some time to get one of my stories illustrated we stand a chance at getting something published. Let's make it happen folks!!!
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