The hobbit

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The hobbit

Postby Sean on Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:34 pm


pencils and inks by  - Enrique Rivera

I have a black hole in my hard drive. It's called my "assorted highres and large files" folder. In it go all the lineart that I find online and mostly on DA that doesn't fit into a specific named folder by artist (for instance my 'devgear' folder, my 'ambra' folder or my 'marc silvestri' folder and so on)

There's all sorts of good stuff in there and in fact it takes up 3.6 GIGAbytes of my 19.4Gb stash of lineart I have on my HDD. I mean to get to day... but until now HAVE NEVER DONE SO!

So, being bored and not knowing really which picture I want to colour next, as I wait for Joe Silver to finish the Ebas Viking and the Darkness pics he's working on, and for James Goodwin to finish the Jimbo Robyn Hood that he's working on, and for Ambra to finish the space-chick-and-dragon pic I sent her a while ago - all of which are what I *want* to be colouring - I trolled my way through through this black hole folder and settled on this one. Two hours or so later, here it is!


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Re: The hobbit

Postby Greg Gates on Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:24 am

Love it ... simple colours on simple line work. It makes for a very elegant pic.
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