Sucker punch - babydoll

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Sucker punch - babydoll

Postby Sean on Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:48 pm


Pencils by Peppe Cafaro
Inks by James Goodwin
Flats by trinitymathews on deviantart

This is only the second time I've used someone elses flats for a picture and again it was an interesting experience.

First off was that they were all on one layer for the girl and for the mask at the back when normally I'd have done them on a separate layer each. I know its not necessary but I find it easier to colour each component of the picture that way. At least TM does the lines as a channel and provides the background as its own layer so that was nice.

Secondly is just the 'connection'; with the picture itself. I find when I'm flatting, even though its a boring job to do, I'm thinking about each part of the picture and planning stuff in my head, making mental notes in my head and generally getting 'into the groove' so to speak. Using another person's flats doesn't allow me to do that.

Nevertheless... here it it is


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