Don't blow your Header and Hex:TLT-Naga

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Don't blow your Header and Hex:TLT-Naga

Postby Sean on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:03 pm


Pencils by Mike Dibalfo
Inks by BD Stevens

A few weeks ago I asked Mike if he could spare me some of his pencils in high res to have a play with. This is one of them...

I then farmed the high res pencils out to some of my favourite inkers on DA and asked them to give it a shot. I got inks from 'fullname', 'drklegion', 'devgear' and these one's by 'bdstevens' All were terrific and it made choosing which to colour rather difficult but Doug won out through the 'little' things that he did such as the backpack strap crosshatching, plus the overall sharpness and steadiness of the inking on the lines.

Overall colour scheme is based on the original coloured version by sanjun I made her a blonde for the simple reason I'm tired of doing redheads seemingly all the the time...

Local Perth (Australia) people might recognise some of the destinations on the freeway sign :P


Pencils by Keu Cha

I did this for keu's tryout to colour his comic : Hex the lost tribe. I wasn't chosen but that's ok because there was a chance I might not have been able to give a full commitment due to the day job. Anyway it was fun to do!


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