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Postby Sean on Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:03 pm


pencils = Stanley Lau (*the* Artgerm!!)

About a week and a half ago I was on artgerm's chat forum on D/Art and Stan and I got to talking about doing a common picture together and to compare notes as it were. Stan said he'd send me some lineart when he's got one that he thinks would be good for the two of us...

Then 2 nights ago, I'm on the chat again and casually remark how I liked the Emma Frost in his gallery. Next thing I know Stan's sent me the high res file and said in front of everybody else on the chat forum that he looks forward to seeing what I can do. Stan has been slightly critical of my choice of lineart and he reckons that I do too many Dave Finch pieces which are too easy because of all of DF's dark shadows and light direction hints (he'd be right too... they are easy because of that...!)

Phew.. !!!. A couple of dozen people seeing me 'get called' by Artgerm himself and given lineart to show my worth!! - Ack!! No pressure, no pressure.... No...! *gets nervous shakes and rocks back and forth quietly in the corner* :)

So I get it flatted nice and quickly and then set about to do the colours. At first I was trying to emmulate (ok...copy...) what Stan had done on his, but after only 15 minutes of that I came to the realisation "I have no idea what I'm doing or how he does this!!!" so I ditched all that I'd done and reverted to my own style of things but giving it my best shot possible.

So... here it is... for better or worse.


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