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Postby Sean on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:35 pm


Pencils = Luis Figueiredo -->

Dodgey didgi-inks and moderately better colour by Me!!

A few days ago Luis noted me and well, practically begged, to draw something exclusive for me so I could colour it. "Anything I wanted" he said, "What's something you've never coloured before but want to?", he asked...

So I said - Zatanna! There are heaps of them on deviantart here but none that are either a) in high res inks or b) that I particularly wanted to colour necessarily.

Anyway, Luis asked me to suggest something so I said "How about Zatanna on stage, doing her thing, but with it possibly not quite going to plan? Have the various magic act animals either watching her somewhat perplexed or even laughing at her." Right" I thought, "Let's see what he makes of *that*!..."

Luis came back to me inside of 6 hours with some rough thumbnails and we fine tuned a bit here and there, and I thought... "Alright that should take him a week or so to crank out" and moved onto flatting a Randy Green Soulfire pic as I haven't done an RG pic for *ages*

Less than 12 hours later, he's sending me the final high res pencilled file!!! This guy has *THE* most amazing turn over rate I've seen in quite a while! - So everyone, if you're looking for someone who can do stuff quickly and with a fair deal of bloody good talent then Luis is your man! :)

So I "inked" his pencils which are nice and tight and he keeps his white space relatively clean as well, using the burn tool and then proceeded to flat it. Along the way I noticed that his original composition was a little off balance with a big dead space above the animals making the picture too left-focused. I suggested to Luis that he add a placard board into the space, and again within 40 minutes Luis had it drawn up, to scale and proportion to the original picture, and emailed back to me! Wow..

Anyway, putting the Soulfire aside I've coloured it up as you can see. While colouring it I mentally compared his lineart to other people's that I've done based on how I was tackling the lines and the closest I can compare him to is Jon Sommariva as I found I was colouring the pic in much the same style as I would one of Jon's pictures (eg - greedy graffiti stuff you can see in the commissions gallery of my website -->

All up a fun collab and I certainly recommend Luis if you want a good fast penciller in this sort of more cartoony style of lineart...!!


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