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Postby Sean on Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:16 am


Inks and I presume pencils (?) by Danny Miki

Danny asked me to re-colour (original colours by...???) this one for his table banner for SDCC 2012 and since I haven't heard otherwise I can only presume that he's used it as such (anyone that is at, or went to SDCC 2012 want to confirm that they saw it for me..? Also photo of it at his booth would be brilliant btw - sean AT seanellery DOT com)

We really worked on this one. Danny was pretty 'specifically vague about what he didn't want' :P Wolvie and the sentinel came out ok pretty much straight off but originally it had a firey background like the original coloured pic, and then we went with the sky blue which itself went through 4 revisions. Then there was the sparks and electrical work and such which went through 3 reviews until Danny was happy with it all...


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