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wonder woman

Postby Sean on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:36 pm


Just in time for "Shoot at the British Day" in the USA... not that affects me at all, myself being an Aussie...

Pencils by Jay Anacleto.

Done for Jay's agent to sell as a print at SDCC 2012 and other cons this year.

The skin on WW took forever! Jay had gone bonkers with the deep grey shading there and it had to be drastically washed out. I think I'm getting better at actually doing these sorts of soft tone pics though. I was trying for that WW2 'Betty Page pinup poster' kinda look here with the patriotic theme and all. I pushed the flag back into the background a bit at the top. It looks ok fully saturated but I think this is better overall. Puts the focus on WW more because that flag is big and bright otherwise.

The "Proud... Strong" words are part of the pencils and there was no way to remove them.

Now for the first time in almost 3 months I'm commission free!!! - I can finally do some stuff just for fun! :)


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