Fantazies - steampunk girl

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Fantazies - steampunk girl

Postby Sean on Sat May 26, 2012 7:48 pm


This is one of 6 sketches that Randy Kintz is paying me to do for his "Fantazies" sketchbook. I'm also doing a couple of mermaids, a blueberry fairy and an Amazon chick for him but he's only letting me show off one picture at this point. They're nice and quick to do and different from stuff that I usually colour.

Randy's currently drumming up investors for the book through so if you'd like to help support and finance the project then head on over to --> ... -come-true and pledge some money!

There are various incentives and rewards depending on how much you pledge ranging from t-shirts and copies of the book to original prints of various pages and even the original artwork of the cover. He's got about $1400 of the $9000 that he needs to publish and sell the book so far... so why not go and help him with some of the rest? :) --> ... -come-true


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