darkness 77

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darkness 77

Postby Sean on Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:51 pm


pencils = mike broussard
inks = ryan winn

Ok so chose to do this one because I wanted to practise on my painted clouds some more...

Gah! - After 6 hours of mucking around trying this and that and then the next thing doing my best to follow the lines as drawn by Mike Broussard and simply NOTHING was going right... it majorly sucked.... errr... looked terrible.

So in somewhat desperation I erased the cloud lines altogether and then did my own thing, keeping to the 'spirit' of the lines as much as I could... ta-dahhh... about an hour later I had this!

The rest of the picture then became the standard colouring job, though the edges on the shading seem a little hard here and there from what I normally colour like, but then I've noticed I do that with Mike Broussard's pencils before and it seems just to be the way I tend to colour his lineart... *shrugs* what the hey... it works ok.

You can find the original colours to this one in arf's gallery on deviantart


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Re: darkness 77

Postby simon sherry on Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:05 am

Nice stuff - love the painted sky! If I had one crit to make though, it'd be that I think you could have pushed the contrast a little more. I've attached a quick levels adjust to show what I mean. It takes out the linework a little, but to be honest, sometimes I think that tone should trump line from time to time ;o)

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