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chun li

Postby Sean on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:03 pm


To say that I'm doing pretty much bugger-all with my 6 week summer vacation is becoming increasingly obvious... :P We're 3 weeks in and so far I've coloured 8 pictures when normally it takes me 2 weeks to get ONE done when term is on... :P Meanwhile all the 'honey-do...' jobs around the house are still waiting to be done :) :P

Anyway, here's Chun Li from Streetfighter. Now I know *NOTHING* about Streetfighter. I'm only vaguely aware that Chun Li here is a character in it. I'm also kind of aware that she's meant to be wearing some sort of red-ish tights instead of bare legs, but frankly I don't care. She looks fine like this... Maybe they're in the wash that day? Kicking streetfighter ass all day would make them rather sweaty I should think...? :) :P

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