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comrade hero

Postby Sean on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:39 am


I saw the original colours to this one by kieran oats and immediately went *holy crap!! - how'd the heck did he do *that* bit (the clouds) and then'd he do *that bit*? (the body colours of the CH himself)... and then again...(the smoke cloud)..* well you get the idea...

It took me 7 hours and 3 attempts to get the background looking semi-decent. Most attempts turned into smudgy blurred messes. The smoke cloud though was really easy and I can see that's how I'm going to be colouring those sorts of things in the future!

So I got onto supermaorifulla on for which CH is his original character and asked him if he had the high res inks... which he did.

So putting aside the alvin lee chun li pic that I was in the middle of flatting I set to this one, simply to get it out of my head! :P Plus my wife comes from one of the former USSR republics and so I've always wanted to do a soviet/USSR based hero-type. The Russian at the bottom says "Comrade Hero"... roughly. My wife helped me with that bit! :P


pencils = luisxiii on deviantart
inks by sam fonseca
original colours by kieran oats


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