Potential paid job

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Potential paid job

Postby StabComics on Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:05 am

Hey all.

I'm doing a job for a media company, and they want a design for a mascot for one of their clients.

They're looking for some potential designs. If any of the ones submitted here is selected, we will pay the artist for the piece a one off payment. It won't be a huge amount, but it will be something. The artist will have to sign off all rights for the work over, just for legal purposes. I'm not sure about original artwork, but I will find out. Only the final piece will be paid for. There will be no money for any other submissions, so don't ask. The Client will be choosing the final design, and their decision is final.

They want a design of a frog that can be used on materials both print and digital, but also will potentially be translated into a life sized costume. The frog has to be wearing a tux or a concierge style outfit. It's the traditional Disney/WB style of no pants. Must be completely removed from Freddo Frog. I have a list of key words to help with ideas.

- Cool
- Sophisticated
- Cosmopolitan
- Debonair
- Sexy
- Smart
- Worldly
- In the Know.

If you have any questions, please leave comments in this thread. If you have any problems with any of the terms stated here, don't submit. I would love to see any and all submissions and see what the great Aussie comic community can come up with, but I have no control over the legal side of things.

Really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.
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Re: Potential paid job

Postby AndreiB on Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:19 pm

Really looking forward to you doing paid work for your client yourself instead of asking for help on a public forum.

I know creating a sexy cosmopolitan frog (who comes up with these things?!) is a hard ask, but artists like to be paid hourly like, you know, the rest of humanity.
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Re: Potential paid job

Postby Sean on Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:53 pm

yah, really... this sort of blanket call for submissions isn't quite the done thing old chap...

basically you want a bunch of people to work for you FOR FREE, and then you get to select the best one, pay, well, *something*... you don't say how much...(and what if you don't like how much that person wants to charge...?) and give the virtual finger to everyone else... meanwhile you have samples and copies of their art... FOR FREE...

I bet you're not doing your part of the job for free....

I suggest you go off to deviantart.com or somewhere (do a search for 'mascots' and you'll find heaps of various people's past work) , find an artist there you like the style of, and then contact and commission that person in a formal work-for-hire contract and get your mascot that way.

Failing that, if exploitation of the masses is truly the way you prefer to work, then there's 99designs.com where the site is set up for this sort of thing. Don't expect anything particularly good or that the person you select is actually reliable in any way though....


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Re: Potential paid job

Postby StabComics on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:15 pm

If I thought this would be a source of insult to people, I never would have posted it. It was the easiest way I knew to get this out there into the hands of some great artists. Like I said, if this was something you had a problem with, don't post. People are quite happy to do submissions for comic contest and project rooftop, where there is even less chance of receiving any sort of commission. I needed some help, and this was the easiest and best way I could think of for requesting that help.

For the record though, being an illustrator as well as my other work, I would not for a second take advantage of anyone out there. The cost issue wasn't finalised with my boss, which is why I didn't post it. The final payment would be decent for a days work. Way more than I'm getting at the moment.

As for final art work, apart from the image we used, NONE of the final art would be used by us at all, without the owners permission and an appropriate payment. All art remains the property of the artist, with the exception of the piece we choose.

But like I said. I did not post this to infuriate anyone, or to cause any sort of insult or distrust among the Pulp Faction community. I was looking for a great artist who could help us out and be reimbursed for their efforts, and this was the best place I could think of.

The offer still stands for anyone who is interested. If you feel I'm trying to rip you off, then please don't waste your time.

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Re: Potential paid job

Postby agent_x on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:49 pm

Has the payment for this work been finalised with your boss yet?
I may be interested, but I would want to know more about the payment, the final use of the image, etc.
As you have said the artist will be signing over the rights to the image, I would assume the payment would be enough to cater for this?
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