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Postby Sean on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:10 pm


pencils = marc silvestri
inks = joe weems

Ok, I'd have to admit I'm not 100% happy with this one but it'll have to do I guess.

The biggest hassle was finding decent colour mixes in the background. Make it green and Grifter disappears, make it purples/blues and either spartan/ships or voodoo gets lost, choose a red and zealot in the front has problems!...!

So I cheated ever so slightly with Zealot in the front and deleted two small lines on her legs which showed that she had long leggings that would have been red as well, and ta-dahh! - bare legs makes her pop more!

Then we get to the big flaming head at the back. I coloured this the usual way with the flames and then all you could see was this bright flaming head!... But a convenient accident with the layer modes (normal to colour dodge..) made the flames go like this and well... maybe not problem solved, but problem minimised somewhat at any rate!!! :)

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