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velocity 2

Postby Sean on Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:36 am


So with each picture I do I usually look for something to do on it that I've never done before, so I can work out HOW. With the previous Darkness 75 picture it was how to do the lava effect, with this one it's all about the water spray/rooster tail.

I have to admit after studying the original colours by Sunny Gho for this picture it was a case of "...How the frack am I going to do *that*!!!..!" but after a couple of false starts it seems to have come out ok. (solution - use the default 59 splatter brush and crank up the brush size to about 300 and a few other sizes and then just build it up over a few layers - no flats, and then colour hold the lineart bits)

So, I again admit that this is basically a straight up copy (as close as I can get it) to the original colours but like I said it was all about the water spray pretty much... and besides velocity is such a cool character to do!

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