Comikaze 2010 Instructions

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Comikaze 2010 Instructions

Postby Troy Kealley on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:38 pm

See the Q&A thread for the latest but here's the basic run-down on what to do this weekend.

1. Register - you should have already done this! Join the forums obviously too and optionally say hi!

2. When you're set up and ready to go - i.e. pencils, paper, scanner and computer ready to go - check the Comikaze random items thread for this hours current words. These should form the inspiration for your story, or at least be
significantly included to demontrate that your story is not pre-written.

3. Start a new thread in the appropriate Challenge forum - eg if you comic is safe for general audience put it in the Comikaze 24hr Comic Challenge '10 - General forum. The title of the thread should be 'Your Name - Comic Title - Your City' (plus if it's a Manga entry add 'Manga' to the thread title)

4. Your first post indicates you intention to start the words you're using and from that point you have 24 hours to finish! Post your pages and progress as you go.

That's the basics - any questions fire em up here!
Troy Kealley

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