Ive Sorocuk - Lara - "Fiasco Bombasco!" **FINISHED**

2008 24 hour challenge - GENERAL CONTENT

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Re: Ive Sorocuk - Lara - "Fiasco Bombasco!" **FINISHED**

Postby Ive on Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:42 pm

Owen Heitmann wrote:Nice one! That is some energy filled artwork. Did you actually use different coloured ink for each page or is that some computery trick?

The public vote seems to be going to Wrestle Cat, but my favourite character was Senor Sicario. He just looks rad.

The grey shades are all done with coloured texta and highlighter then scanned in greyscale. One of my favourite tricks.
Also, I forgot to mention I had 'My Spanish Coach' for DS next to me the whole time for character and wrestling move names.
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