Comikaze 24 Hr Challenge 2013 - Volunteers Needed

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Comikaze 24 Hr Challenge 2013 - Volunteers Needed

Postby maggie on Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:25 am

June is quickly closing in. This is an early call for volunteers. If any of the following interest you, please let us know.

The Troy - This position has been valiantly held by Troy Kealley over and over and the last thing I want to presume is that he'll fall all over this sword again this year. So, if you're interested in kind of running the show (posting word sets every 12 hours, being around as much as possible to help with any user questions, making sure to wake my ass up and get me to fix anything that's broken, putting together the polls at the end) please let me know. I will help as much as possible, but bear in mind I'm several time zones away (which does mean I'll be awake while you're asleep, though). If Troy steps in to do this again, I'm gonna talk to that Pope guy about a sainthood.

Helper Monkey(s) - Watch the boards while The Troy or I are not around. Two Helper Monkeys for different time periods is even better.

The Mark - For a long time Mark Selan was The Troy and also managed to find prizes and sponsors. We DO already have three sponsors this year, so if there's no The Mark, we're still good. At the end of last year's challenge, Supanova, Manga Arts and Comic Art Gear all expressed the desire to be sponsors again this year (thanks, all!). But if someone is reading this and thinking "I bet I could get some more prizes together", then please stop talking to yourself and talk to me. ;)

We also need a poster and web banner to put on the Comikaze24 site. Anyone interested? If so, let me know and I'll fill you in on what's needed.

That's it for now. So as that old guy says,
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