Manifest Comic Contest 2009 - Entries Close Soon

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Manifest Comic Contest 2009 - Entries Close Soon

Postby Tannie on Tue May 26, 2009 8:55 pm

Manifest is beginning to sneak up upon us and to celebrate hitting the 3 months until our tenth anniversary event we are having a manga drawing contest. Leading up to Manifest we are hoping to have a Manga running not to dissimilar to 2007. The comic will feature Peppa-Chan and be titled ‘Escape from the University’. It will revolve around Peppa-Chan’s role in the switch over from our old cramped venue to the new spacious Showgrounds.

The Comic will run for 20 pages and should you be chosen it will be you job to illustrate the 20 pages as well a front page. All of the writing will be dealt with via the Committee so literature talents are not required. Note this means you will have to be able to churn out 2 pages a week.

To compensate you for your efforts the winner shall receive a free fantrader table at this years Manifest complete with 2 trader passes giving you full access to sell any of your material to what is expected to be a much larger than ever before attendance at a Manifest event.

In order to select the lucky illustrator we ask that all interested draw up a sample page from the script below and email it to

The closing date for entries in May 31st, which is less than a week away so best get cracking. Please note you will also have to keep to these guidelines when creating your work.
Bleed – Please ensure 2mm bleed is allowed where required. Page must be finished size plus bleed.
Borders – Please do not use borders that are designed to create an even margin around the document. A trimming tolerance of +/- 1mm must be allowed for.
Pages – Please use 300dpi and also particularly for any colour pages please use CMYK.

Script for sample page:

Frame 1: Title: Manifest ‘08
Peppa(Excited): Alrighty, I have some spare time. Time to check out traders…Wait a sec where is traders?…The map says…There!
Frame 2: Shot of deathtrap stairways up to Grand buffet(Traders building )
Peppa: Be strong Peppa! You’ve done worse in the search of rare merch.
Frame 3: Shot of packed traders
Peppa: Wow…It’s uh, so busy…Urk. No pushing!
Frame 4: Black Frame
Peppa: Where am I? It feels warm, scratchy and a bit damp…And what is that smell?
Frame 5: Peppa under a large guys armpit, Peppa is 0.0
Frame 6: Peppa cries out
Peppa: Ouendan!!!

If you have any further questions or wish to submit your entry, please send it to
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