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Postby Laocorn on Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:20 pm

Seriously, what's the problem with Antonio as a mascot?

Why not just ressurrect either OzCon or Comicfest? Unless Comicfest as a legal entity is still registered (is it Danny?)...
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Postby Red on Sat Oct 27, 2007 2:05 pm

"ATOMICon" and an image of.....KILLEROO (probably the best pop-culture-comic-icon in the last 10 works on so many levels).

ATOMIC Expo is a gaming and computer hardware expo hosted by Atomic magazine in Sydney. At least it was this year and I only know 'cause I was forced to help out there. It was on the weekend after Supanova. So possibly steer away from atoms.

Also I prefer using the term Expo, even though we all know it's a convention. A "convention" can have negative connotations to people that are not used to this kind of event. Using the terms expo or show rather than convention might attract a wider audience. Both Armageddon and Supanova use Expo rather than Con.
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Postby mike nason on Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:35 pm

RED said (Armageddon thread)...

ATOMIC Expo is a gaming and computer hardware expo hosted by Atomic magazine in Sydney. At least it was this year and I only know 'cause I was forced to help out there. It was on the weekend after Supanova. So possibly steer away from atoms.

"ATOMIcon", like all the other suggestions are just jokes to show how this marketing thing is supposed to work (should have used the emoticons, duh). I don't think any of them are great, I was just amusing myself.

Sketchie's suggestion of using "SAGA" does make a lot of sense. It does sound like an RPG thing to me but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. And that would probably fade with time as the event becomes more identifiable (with itself).

Personally I don't understand the need for acronyms as clearly the easiest thing to do is just use a single name/word like "Armageddon". "SAGA" works then for both mindsets. And what I do specifically like about the word is how it's directly relating to the storytelling aspect of comics, which to me encompasses the whole (or "heart" of the) medium.

KILLEROO makes sense and I just wish we had more properties that had that same iconic value to them. And it's the only one I can think of that still has it's creator involved or at lest not completely absent from the scene ( ...Darren :p )

It works because its Australian but without the cultural cringe factor (which is bloody important, mate).

Seriously, what's the problem with Antonio as a mascot?

1) Anyone with any marketing sense would tell you that an octopus isn't going to make you think "comics" or anything related to it. It's an icon that's not clear about what it's promoting.

2) Mascots (the ones that actually work) are "caricatures" of their hosts. They're usually a direct visual representation of "the team" or "the event". Think of any (smart) sports team and you'll see an animal dressed in the team uniform. so you have a visual representation of the name of the team ("the Tigers") and the uniform ("the colors of the team") It's very smart, very clear "storytelling" (and very much like superhero iconography). Armageddon used Superman in the same way and Doujicon/SAGA/whatever would do well to do the same thing. Therefore using KILLEROO makes sens (and even more so if it came out on a regular basis) .

The only thing that would make more sens (to me) would be the creation of a dedicated mascot that you'd publish as it's own comic and use that as part of the marketing/promotions of the event (a character that to some degree incorporates the overal themes of our "community") .

If you think back to previous conventions you'd remember the programs and the posters that featured the popular Australian/American characters of the time. You use icons because they ARE icons, no other reason.

general comments:

Mainstream VS Indie. These are illusions. You could just as well be using the words "Old" VS "New" or "Right' VS "Wrong". If we don't have "Mainstream" Australian comics (because we don't have our own industry) then all you have left is "Indie" (self-published) products. So what would be represented at an "All Australian Comic Book Expo" would be "Indie" material. Therefor "Indie" becomes "Mainstream" as it is the "Main" (general) "Stream" (direction/volume/product) available at said event. So there is no logical reason to use the word "Indie" as it doesn't truly represent the event. It's like an onion: peal the layers back to find something different but all you get is more layers of onion (more of the same). To put it another way: if there is no alternative to the alternative then the alternative becomes by default, the mainstream. To go a step further: the alternative music of 15 years ago has either disappeared or been absorbed into the mainstream. Old VS New.

You might also be tempted to use the words Indie and Mainstream as some here have used the phrase "selling out". It's a value judgment that is neither fair nor accurate. It's the same stupid stigma that resulted in the idea that "comics will rot your brain". Comic books will not rot your brain, reading the same story over and over again might.

Everyone has a bias. You can't really get away from having one. But I'd like to think there is a difference between a well informed bias and one that has simply been adopted via a reactionary mind set. ;)
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Postby Egofreaky on Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:12 am

I dunno... anyone that knows me well is likely to tell you that a sleazy octopus caricatures me pretty well :p

Also a Kangaroo does have cultural cringe to it. It is iconic, however.
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