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Armageddon Sydney - tables for creators

Postby maggie on Sat May 12, 2007 6:45 am

According to Bill from Armageddon in a thread post earlier:

One thing i should clarify re the Comic creator area at Armageddon, it is as follows
Includes one Table, One chair and limited partition space for display, plus listing on the event web site in the local comic creator page. One exhibitor package $100
A table is approx 1.5m in size. This offer is only to comic creators selling or promoting small local books

An option to add another pass should/will be offered at some point (or you can email and ask, I assume).

We will allow creators to purchase more than one table, and extra passes dependant upon how big they plan on being. Generally i am happy to support smaller creators who don't have the budget for a larger space, but don't want larger companies using this as a loop hole and sidelining other guys

Their official site is up now at:
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