Greetings! Melb Author Seeks Illustrator for Graphic Novel

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Greetings! Melb Author Seeks Illustrator for Graphic Novel

Postby Pasperou on Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:27 pm

Hey there all, my name is Phil. I live and study in Melbourne. I study philosophy and social theory, my key passions. I heard about this site today at my local comics r us and I jumped at the chance to get on the forum to chat to you all :).

I'm 21, i've been reading comics, fantasy novels and sci fi novels my entire life. I've also been writing for as long.

I'm currently writing a series of sci-fi graphic novels- mature story book style with an emphasis on story rather than art. They are centered around an average man in extraordinary circumstances, and deal with the philosophical issues of solitude, the split between man and beast in each person, what it is to be human etc, all set on a very alien planet. Imagine Robinson Crusoe meets Dune meets Conan and you are getting close.

I'm seeking an illustrator who has great control of lighting and can capture the feelings of alienation, desperation, the vastness of space as well. As the sotry revolves around one guy for the most part, being able to reproduce anatomically correct figures is a huge plus too. I'm greatly enamored with the work of Frank Frazetta, early Richard Corben and detailed black and white comic books. I especially love the grit of dark 60's/70's comics but seek an even darker, more studied and detailed style for my own work.

So, drop me a bell if you want to chat, and for any artists interested in the slightest, please let me know- i'll check this very regularly :). Cheers!

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Re: Greetings! Melb Author Seeks Illustrator for Graphic Nov

Postby AlterityMan on Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:01 pm

Hi Phil

My name is Ben, and I have been seeking a writer to work with a while, but thus far have not found one I vibe with. Seeing what you have put up though, particularly with your interests, made me think It would be good to say hi! I am also a student of philosophy and social theory, and try to put that into my artwork which favousr inks, and tend towards contrasting work. I try to be sparse in my use of colour and I'm fairly old-fashioned in regards to photoshop. I tend to feel that less is more.

Anyway, opefully you are not working with anyone already, so give me a hoy if your interested.!

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