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Massive News and Updates

Postby opfunnybone on Tue Aug 15, 2006 7:55 pm

Hi all

Here's the latest on Funnybone.

In an attempt to decentralise operations in Funnybone (ie. in attempt to stop me from holding it back) several inviduals have taken on various roles in Operation Funnybone.
They are as follows - Thanks guys !

Distribution: Ricci Morris is in charge of distribution and doing a great job. Her email and number is 0407 120 577 and Let her know all the shops that would be interested in stocking the book. Thanks heaps for helping us bypass all the expensive middlemen, keeping the cost down. The book is great big 1kg slab that really doesn't lend itself to postage and one-off deliveries. Thanks for lugging lots of ten into bookstores. You rock.

Contact and Information: Sud Abbas who has also contributed art to the book will manage email adresses, contacts, phone numbers, keeping things private and where necessary. This will ensure people interested in your art can contact you without your details being given away to all and sundry, and also if you need to contact each other or want to know who the Sydney gang is etc, he will take care fo that. Sud can be contacted on . Something that would really make a difference there too would be key people from the various sub-groups, books, networks or communities giving him their details. I will be passing on all the details of contributors to him but you may want to make yourself known, particularly so that when the call goes out for Book Two, you'll be the first to know. Off the top of my head there's OzComics, Tango, Cardigan, Oztaku and many more.

Publicity and Promotions: Me and Graeme McDonald. Thanks Graeme! If you ahve any tips or ideas, leads or the like - could you direct them to him please? He is contactable on Like the rest of us, he has a full time job, doing this as an act of generosity.

Web: That's Darren Close, thanks for your great design skills and super-generosity in lending a hand despite the fact that Killeroo and Funnybone have very different markets.

Everything else: Well that's me for the time being, students and volunteers have moved on.

If there is anything you would like to contribute, an area you'd like to take over, manage, be accountable for etc please let me know. Like I said, whatever will keep the project moving forward.

Feel free to give any feedback, good or otherwise to me or anyone listed above. We want to know what to improve and there can always be something we just aren't aware of.

On to other business...

Any contributors who intend to be present at the Sydney Supanova, or those who have been considering I would ove to meet you again and offer guests at supanova the opportunity to get signed copies of the book. Please let Sud know if you're going to be there

Adobe Systems will be providing two full versions of their Creative Suite CS2 Premium software for lucky Funnybone customers! One of the major features of this package is that it can through LiveTrace turn a raster image into a rasor sharp vector image, scalable to any size, with the click of a button. This is also great for the artist who wants to change colours, ad gradients and so mcuh more than I can list here in one sitting. I believe the software all up costs around $1,800 so it is quite a prize! One name will be drawn on Friday and one on Saturday from those who purchase a book. Multiple opportunities will be available to multiple purchases so buy two books and double your chances.

In addition to that Operation Funnybone will be selling at a special expo price where guests will receieve the same discount that bookstores receive which is between $24.95 and $29.95 depending on the quantity - contact Ricci if you want to know more abut that.

Funnybone is now available in a whole heap more shops in Melbourne now, thanks to Ricci and we'll be looking at finding ways of getting it into more QLD, NSW and ACT. Updates on the available bookstores section of this forum coming soon.

That's about it for now - I'll upadate and add along the way.


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