Monthly Sequential Art Showcase Rules

Monthly sequential and illustration challenges.

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Monthly Sequential Art Showcase Rules

Postby makepeace on Wed Jun 22, 2005 10:01 pm

Well with the departure of I'll move this here. Unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of my original post but here goes.

1. A page count is chosen from 1 - 3 pages.
2. Details are chosen (1-5) - These may be objects (eg. pirates) or conventions (eg. moment to moment transitions)
3. Theme is chosen. This can be a general theme, a specific theme or a genre.

Each winner (voted for by Pulp Faction members) picks all that jazz for the next month. At the end of the year the Ultimate Monthly Sequential Art Showcase Competition winner is voted on out of the entries and I'll compile an A5 book made up of all the winners plus editors picks. The Ultimate Monthly blah blah gets dibs on the cover as well.

UPDATE #1 Peeps may only enter once per month, and you can't compete in the month you have chosen the 'stuff' for ie. if you won the previous month.

UPDATE #2 Deadline is last day of each month. Just having a comic isn't enough, it has to be posted in the thread (it can be by someone else on your behalf) to be eligible.

UPDATE #3 Entries must be in Black and White.

UPDATE #4 There is no rule against winning more than once in a year.
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