May 2006 Meeting

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May 2006 Meeting

Postby matt g on Wed May 10, 2006 1:43 pm

Hi Folks,

Here's my report from the May 2006 meeting. Overall it was a great night, and I managed to get feedback on some new techniques which I really wasn't too sure of using. Given the response however, I think I'm going to move full speed ahead with them.

Firstly, I had my photoshop presentation based around the use of the Multiply layer setting, specifically, how I'm using it to move away from single drawings for panels, and create character and background art separately for a lot of my pages. You get a much more animation-like workflow from this, and a lot more flexibility if you want to rework parts of a panel later.

There's been quite a few threads here on PF about Multiply, but seeing it in the flesh really helps.

Next up was my new squeetoy of the month, SketchUp ( a really kickass piece of 3D software, designed for quick architectural visualisation. It makes building backgrounds and environments a piece of cake, and eliminates a lot of the drudgery out of perspective drawing.

Since I'd done a bit of talking, we moved to everyone's projects - which they can speak about themselves, but the evolution of Jennifer's pages has been a real sight to see :)

Rob's 3D designs are coming along well, and Jozef & Julie gave us a really fantastic insight into their character creation process - assigning an animal to a character to act as a guide for things like posture, body language, expressions etc. It's a really good idea and makes a lot of sense from a practical view. Matt Elder showed off a huge hunk of work, including lots of pre-vis ideas for vehicle design etc.

Since my last month has been spent mainly in coming to grips with new software things, I didn't have much new comic art to show, however having discovered some new things in my very old 3D software that I use for modelling objects (prior to SketchUp) I was able to speed up my helicopter modelling and get the tracing guides for a 2 page spread done...


After seeing Transit's fantastic photo backgrounds in About Two Days, I thought to myself "I must try this", and with Avi's fantastic OzTAKU tutorial:

I went to work on a couple of my photos from Boston (gorgeous city that it is):


All in all, a really good meeting, and I'm majorly looking forward to the next one when Jozef will be going through his techniques for painting in Photoshop.
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Postby Matt Elder on Wed May 10, 2006 9:13 pm

Last nights meeting was probably one of the best so far. Generally a good energy with lots of great ideas and useful crits. First up Matt G did a Photoshop presentation and a demo of his latest find in Sketchup program. Very cool. Also showed some demos of a tutorial (from here?!) that he'd done with his photos. Matt can you post a link in this thread?

Myself, I'd done a lot of work on my story in the last month and completed designs, studies, 8 pages pencils/ink and a page toned/painted. People got to see a rough draft of it all together and got some great feedback on flow of the story and where some areas needed addressing. Looks like I'll be adding in another couple of pages (thanks Troy - check out Something Weird #2) to correct a few niggling issues. Some really good pointers on some of the writing as well also eventuated.

Some times you can learn by what others do and Jennifer certainly had a great example. She'd done a page, then read 'DC guide to pencilling' (now added to the 'buy list') and redid the page. The redone page was just so much better than the first attempt.

Looking forward to the next meeting guys

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