Asialink Arts Residencies close Friday 4/09/09

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Asialink Arts Residencies close Friday 4/09/09

Postby Anomic on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:21 pm

Asialink Arts Residencies

Initiating cultural and artistic exchange between Australia and the countries of Asia.
Asialink Arts has been working since 1990 to:
• promote cultural understanding,
• information exchange, and
• artistic endeavour between Australia and Asian countries.
Asialink Arts offers a wide range of artistic and cultural programs that enable Australians to:
• develop their talents and experience by working in and with Asia,
• establish personal contacts,
• develop on-going communication networks and further projects,
• initiate and organise specific programs that encourage greater knowledge and understanding of Australian arts.
Mailed applications postmarked before 5 pm on 4 September 2009 will be accepted; we do not accept faxed or emailed applications.
Residencies are available in the following art form areas:

Arts Management Residency Information
This program provides opportunities for Australian arts managers to experience working with an arts organisation in an Asian country for up to four months. Residencies are open to arts managers in the areas of visual arts and crafts, performing arts, literature, multimedia, technical production and festivals.

Literature Residency Information
Residencies are open to writers of fiction, non-fiction (including essays, biography, history, travel writing etc), children's writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters etc.

Performing Arts Residency Information
Residencies are open to performing arts practitioners, including directors, actors, musicians, dancers, designers, production managers and technicians.

Visual Arts Residency Information
Residencies are open to visual artists and crafts people including painters, sculptors, installation and multimedia artists, ceramic, glass, textile and woodworkers, photographers, etc.
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