WA writers with talent

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WA writers with talent

Postby SandgroperIndustries on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:26 pm

r their any heaps good writters in wa who am as tallented as me? :p

Hello again all,

Looking for a writer who might be up for a little sideline work to help us out. The story is down but the feedback from the focus groups has suggested a re-structure and futher dialogue is required to help develop characters and make the story more suited to this medium.

Being Sandgroper Industries we do prefer to offer work to WA people but if anyone else would like to respond please post here or send a sample through if you would rather it remain confidential:


All samples sent to me will be treated as 100% confidential. Myself and our artist will be the only people to view them.
We will be offering a 5% ownership for the right person as payment and do not expect this to be made your full time job for that reason.

oh, and if the first sentence of this post sounded right to you, please do not send a sample ;)
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Re: WA writers with talent

Postby Darisha on Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:13 pm

This sounds like it could be interesting. I'm not from WA (I'm in SA), but if that's not too much of a problem, I'd like to hear a bit more about this. I just have a few questions: how big/long is the project; what sort of deadlines are you looking to keep; and how rigid is the structure of the story? i.e. what are the boundaries/restrictions in terms of the writer adding to character and story development (keeping within the main premise of course)?

I suppose I should also ask what sort of format the sample of writing should be in. I'm writing a webcomic at the moment (http://www.refractioncomic.com) if that counts as a sample, or would you prefer an actual script or short prose?
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Re: WA writers with talent

Postby SandgroperIndustries on Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:00 pm

Hi Darisha,

Please forgive my slow response. A writer of note (who has asked not to be named) took pity on me and had a look at what had been done... Basically it was a complete tear down and rebuild. It would have been cruel to ask you to rewrite for me from the synopsis that was there. It really would have only made sense to me ;)

So thank you very much for your response but I will have to do it the hard way and rewrite it properly.

Hopefully I will have the first book out by Christmas so I will post it up then and we can judge if I did any good :p


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