Lovemakingfilmfestival close 31/10/2009

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Lovemakingfilmfestival close 31/10/2009

Postby Anomic on Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:19 am

The Lovemakingfilmfestival engages budding Generation Y filmmakers (not exclusively) to submit a humorous short film that promotes safe sex and helps to educate their peers on the disturbing increase in STI's among members of Generation Y.

ENTRY DEADLINE: 31/10/2009

WHERE: Online:

STATE: National


This unique on-line film festival is part of an attempt to curb the rise in sexually transmitted infections (STI's) among young adults in the Sydney Region.

Government statistics show that nearly every type of sexually transmitted infection has increased in prevalence in recent years, with the most common, chlamydia, going up by over 300 percent in the past nine years. The people most affected by the dramatic rise are Generation Y; those people in their late teens and 20’s. Doctors estimate that one in ten people in this age group have a sexual infection.

“Gen X’s grew up with the grim reaper on their TV screens in the AIDS commercials, but recent statistics of the number of Gen Y’s not using condoms are quite alarming, and it appears the message has been lost.” explains Festival Co-Director Loosie Craig.

In an effort to reverse the trend, the Lovemakingfilmfestival (an initiative of video production companies 2c Films and Pie Full of Blackbirds with assistance from the South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service, HARP unit) are hoping to drive home the safe sex message to members of Generation Y in the region through film and humour.

Films: up to 3mins in length, we are looking for funny short films on a safe sex theme!
Prizes: Cash, Apple iTouch, Condoms packs.
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