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mmmm, I feel the lurve

Postby jing on Sun Jun 12, 2005 11:53 pm

onegreyelephant wrote:don't tell him Silver!! you're eeeeeeevil XDD

nah, he's just misunderstood ~_^

Washi wrote:Now THERE's a line for ye ^_^ Yay, you made me giggle muchly. Thankyou ^_^

I think I spent more time composing that line than on the rest of the script >_>

jamtrousers wrote:Yay for *Fwap!* 's and Kippers and the combination of the two.

There was a short argument in my house regarding what the noise of a kipper in the face would be. <3

Owen Heitmann wrote:Yay! That is all so irresistably cute!
(By which I don't mean the homoerotic overtones, but the drawings. I am a manly man.)

hmm, I tried to play them down as much as possible, but the kept creeping back in... but still, so long as you enjoyed it (you, a manly man ~_^) I suppose it doesn't matter

Sycle wrote:I love the bloody little bear!

Hee. He looks like he is turning into a piggy, I think, which is funny because I like piggies but usually cannot draw them ...
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Postby Pirotess on Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:26 pm

So cute! Fluffy vampire stories are a rarity. XD
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Postby Patrick Alexander on Tue Jun 14, 2005 2:25 am

Cute, pink and gay! Like Kirby!

Very nice. Oh yes. So very nice.
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Postby rumpusroomie on Wed Jun 15, 2005 11:38 am

Oh wow that was a hoot.

I really have to put gags in mine next year... and vampires.. and teddy bears..

Can i just copy yours panel for panel next year?
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Postby jing on Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:58 pm

Pirotess wrote:So cute! Fluffy vampire stories are a rarity. XD

Well, he's a fluffy vampire of fluffiness. When he isn't biting people to death...

Patrick Alexander wrote:Cute, pink and gay! Like Kirby!.

My flatmate assures me that it is not pink but, in fact, salmon. >_>

rumpusroomie wrote:Can i just copy yours panel for panel next year?

yeah, just change the names to protect the guilty ~_^
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Postby tonia on Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:01 pm

That was funny - I especially liked the toffee trap and the use of "cry me a river".
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Postby Gary Lau on Thu Jun 16, 2005 9:46 pm

Hahahaha, this is really funny, Sarah. I loved it. I liked the pink tones (can't believe I just said that) and the characters. I, too, loved the "cry me a river" line!! You got plenty of smiles out of me, Happy Unbirthday to you as well!! :D
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Postby mark selan on Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:11 pm

That was fucking adorable!
next time i see you don't be a surprised if i say 'your comic was fucking adorable'

(but don't be offended if i forget to say that)
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