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Retro Sci-fi Webcomic

Postby UncleRobot on Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:02 pm

Uncle Robot Presents is a comic art production company featuring the work of Martin Pope. "Vorto the Pirate" is two-fisted adventure on the high seas of space.

Vorto is an adventure strip centered around the notorious space-pirate, Emile Vorto, his companions, and the empire which has enslaved him. Vorto battles the pilots of the deadly Scorpio Squadron to win his freedom and that of the peoples of Orgom. This retro sci-fi webcomic updates weekly on Sundays.

Join the Uncle Robot Society to help battle the forces of the empire and defend Orgom. As a member of the Uncle Robot Society, you'll receive your own Uncle Robot Society decoder ring, membership certificate, T-shirt, art print, and more!

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