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Postby makepeace on Sun Dec 05, 2004 4:21 pm

Not sure if this is an area you want to cover on this (wonderful, wonderful) site Maggie but I've been reading the interviews on ozcomics and I was thinking how about some interviews with some of the smaller profile creators - eg. edward grug, jason harper, matt bayliss or even yourself? Failing that, have you ever received one of those emails which ask 20 questions about yourself and you have to fwd it to everyone you know? How about a thread here with one of those but with more appropriate questions (ie. comic related, but maybe keeping the favourite toothpaste question!) that anyone can answer. Could make for some fascinating reading and open things up a bit.
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Re: Interviews

Postby maggie on Sun Dec 05, 2004 6:00 pm

I would LOVE to interview (or Q&A, as you mentioned, at the very least) some of the interesting people we have around us. Jon Sommariva, Christian, Dayid Yardin, Doug, Chris Wahl, Trudy, Jase, Grug, etc. etc. I can probably drag Sean Lee in here too.

I would love this very very much. :) Maybe we should put up an open call for '20 questions' that people could fill out at their leisure and then anyone who's willing to do a formal interview can say so at the end of it.

So... what questions would people like to see asked? Throw out ideas! =D

One that comes to mind right away is: When you have a project, what are your work habits (i.e. - do you 'warm up', do you follow a schedule, etc.) Oh, and the obligatory materials/what you use question for artists or writers.

Great idea, Mike! I was looking for interviews the other day, I swear. I found some good and some so out of date that they were a bit sad.

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