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Postby Phreak on Wed Jan 10, 2007 8:16 pm

Ok, so I've asked about this before...I know I'm guilty. BUT that was before Supernova, and now that it's something of the past, I think we (hahaha WE) should relook at this.

Initially I thought it would be best to do a 24page thing with 12 artists from Australia and 12 Artists from South Africa. But that would be hell to coordinate unless someone in Australia wants to coordinate that side of the pacific.

Anyway we're doing it the way we did last year, check out the link: ... entry23267

Twelve page script, 3teams of 21 artists doing a page each fighting for top honours. Now if we can get the same thing going in Australia. and then let the top 4 or 5 artists from either country battle it out or work together it will generate a lot of publicity/exposure, benefiting everyone!

Soooo what you guys say? 1PAGE that's all it will take over a period of 2 months! And Script submissions can start ASAP as well!
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