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Indie Comics Con

Postby Egofreaky on Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:44 pm

Not really sure where to put this. It fits into a few things :(
Someone feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.

Anyway, I've been speaking to a lot of local manga artists & cartoonists.
A common lament is that when at conventions, be they as general SupaNova or specific as Manifest, the con-attendees aren't there for them. They're supplamentary, and they're lucky to get a look into. And with the cost of the table, they barely break even on their comic by going.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a convention specifically for local comics? Wouldn't it be even better if it didn't cost $100+ for a table?

What I propose is a convention specifically for indie artists. In a lot of asian countries, it's the indie conventions that are the big ones. Comiket in Japan is the largest manga convention in the world, and it's 80% amatueres.
It would probably end up piggybacking on another smaller convention initially (in this particular case, I'm thinking Minifest, a miniature Melbourne Anime Festival) to reduce costs and organisational issues.
The tables for artists would be as cheap as possible. I'm hoping to make them free. Perhaps ask cartoonists that did well to donate at the end to help defray costs. The bulk of the funding would hopefully come from Sponsors such as the Arts Council or a chain art store like Eckersleys as well as attendees fees.
Due to the nature of Minifest, if it were to go ahead, it would probably be billed as a Doujinshi (indie manga) convention, but this would allow for the cool name of Douji-Con (pronounced 'Dodgy Con'). However, I hope to make room for all and just seperate things into Comics, Manga and Other (Illustrations & Posters, fun items, etc). All would be free to have whatever they wanted out for sale, although signage would probably be required for anything that would be rated MA or higher. Patrick, I'm looking at you ;)

Alongside the artists, and mandatory anime screenings and events, there would also be a range of classes, from basic drawing, to more advanced things such as Photoshopping text & tones in, or even how to assemble and pitch a comic to a publisher.
Hopefully it would be possible to get well known local creators (Queenie Chan, Eddie Campbell, etc) as guests & speakers, as to provide another draw card.
It would be hoped that the Academic and Press crowds would also come to lend legitamacy.

I really don't want to type it all out again, but I've written a fair bit about my vision over on the OzTAKU forums already: ... 1128984978
The discussion has evolved a bit already there.

So, if after reading what I've already written on the OzTAKU forums, if people could tell me what I haven't thought of, what they'd expect from somethign like this, what sort of help they could offer, anything at all would be appreciated.
I'll copy and paste it here if people really can't be bothered going to have a look.
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Postby azahru on Thu Oct 13, 2005 7:22 am

I was thinking of chatting to the phenomenon committee about having a indy comics stall or two. Something like that could be free or minimal cost, not quite a comics only thing, but another opportunity to get the stuff out there.
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Postby tonia on Thu Oct 13, 2005 7:37 am

If you could find a free venue that isn't hidden away in a basement somewhere (maybe a Uni or something might want to sponser it) sounds like a great idea.
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Postby Egofreaky on Fri Oct 14, 2005 12:13 am

Well, I'm wanting to piggyback it onto a pre-existing, smaller convention.
Minifest '05, organised in less than 2 months before the event, still managed to pull in about 400 people with no advetising other than forums.
I think with some proper advertising and pre-organisation it'd do quite nicely, being situated in Melbourne Uni's Old Arts or EcoCom building.
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