Printing for Supanova Sydney/Perth

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Printing for Supanova Sydney/Perth

Postby Baden on Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:39 pm

Hey guys,

Since i have started doing a lot of comic book printing i have noticed that it is very difficult for us to print US Standard books at a rate that is competitive with US printers like KaBlam. While we do much better with TPB's*, the floppys are a problem.

Largely it is because of the costs of finishing the books. It can take up to half an expensive hour or more to set up the finishing equipment required to fold, stitch and trim the books. US printers like KaBlam have economies of scale on their side - they can leave their machines set up for this odd size. For us (and every other printer in Australia) we need to go back and forth between commercial jobs and comic sizes and it becomes time-consuming and expensive. Until we are printing comic books here all day everyday it will continue to be a problem.

But! To overcome this i am going to pick a date - Monday 15th June. On this day we will start runing as many floppy comic books as you can send us through our presses at the same time and avoid the expensive set ups by sharing the cost around. The specs we will use are:

Size: 170*260mm (although i am open to group consensus here - please talk in metric)
Cover: 170gsm silk art
Text: 100gsm laser bond

Artwork supplied by you. I would prefer pdfs at your best resolution with trim marks and 5mm of bleed all around. I will not be able to do the methodical proofing i normally do (time will prevent me sending you the proofs and waiting on everyone to reply) but i will check it over carefully and call you with anything egregious.

All the covers will be printed in colour front and back. You can choose colour or B&W inside. I will charge a flat rate that includes delivery to metro Sydney by slow coach courier.

The prices are below:

B&W Inside
24pp + cover $2.00 per book
28pp + cover $2.20 per book
32pp + cover $2.40 per book

Colour Inside
24pp + cover $3.60 per book
28pp + cover $4.00 per book
32pp + cover $4.50 per book

The minimum order will be 50 books per title and there is no maximum although if you are planning on printing more than 500 email me and we will talk about better options. The prices above include gst.

The idea is if we can get together on the printing we can maximise the showing at Supanova Sydney and Perth. TPB's are the future and as i have discussed with many of you probably offer a better return for self publishers but there is always a place for the floppies, especially for creators who may not have enough material to fill 100 pages.

If anyone is planning on coming to Sydney and wants to particpate i can hold the books and deliver them to the convention centre at the start of the show, although i am not sure when that is exactly (Friday or Saturday sometime). If you are in Perth this schedule leaves plenty of time for us to ship them to you in time, TNT willing, although there will likely be an additional freight charge.

What you need to do:
Get your artwork to me by Monday 15th June. I do not have FTP (I am interweb challenged) but you can email me in small doses or send me a disk with the biggest files you can make on it (this is the preferred way - if you can email it it probably doesn't have enough resolution).

I plan to start printing on Monday afternoon and hopefully keep going for a couple of days. Then start the finishing in one big go from Wednesday 17th and despatch as they come off the line.

Apologies for the pimping again. This may look like a sell job and smell like a sell job but i hope it doesn't quack like a sell job. To me there's a hell of a lot of talent here and if i can help get it out there by a simple piece of organisation then i am only too happy to do so.

If any of you wish to contact me off-forum my email is

*If you are wondering why TPB's are more evenly priced it is because they are very labour intensive both here and in the US. Labour is expensive in both places and there is no real way to mechanise the man out of the process. As a side side note, this is why most book printing nowadays is done in China - they can section sew a book (i.e. almost do it by hand) cheaper than you can perfect bind it here by machine.
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Re: Printing for Supanova Sydney/Perth

Postby devinehelles on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:26 pm

Such a amazing information about the book printing . And i am really longing for this types of the details and for this I had search a lot of the forum but still I do not the proper information and the things that I want that one I get from here .
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