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Places to submit to

Postby azahru on Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:43 am

Thought I'd start a thread on places that might be good to submit comics to, I know of a couple of journals that would welcome comics and it might be a good opportunity for some of our work to get wider distribution and recognition. Quite a few places seem open to reprints or more open to reprints if they are in the more unusual field of comics.

Anyhew, a number of contributors to Something Wicked 1 might be interested in trying for republication at Wicked Hollow - I don't think our market and the American indy media market have that much overlap. A bit of money (but not pro paying) available too.

T'would be great if other folks posted interesting opportunities and also any successes from people following up on any of these publishers. I'll post things as I stumble into them.
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