radioTAK - the year in review

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radioTAK - the year in review

Postby Troy Kealley on Fri Dec 16, 2005 6:32 pm

Well it's been about a year since radioTAK became a real enitity not just a tag so i thought i'd write a bit of a 'directors report' - and share my experiences.

It's been a year of hard work, high expense and harsh lessons. But the end result is, we have now learnt the lessons, got the business processes into place, and are poised to move ahead concetrating on the comics. That said we still have plenty more processes to put in place if we are ever going to turn this into a succcessful venture.

radioTAK launched this year by publishing the ambitious 'Something Wicked Horror Anthology'. Initially intended as a regular mini-anthology, overwhelming response and an overzealous sponsor soon grew it to become the 'monster' it is today. I don't think I could have done it as well without the valuable assistance of Simon Sherry, and in fact he is still helping push the magazine into the market. Overall I was happy with it as a first production. It hasn't had the greatest reviews, but I made the call for quantity over quality when it came to content, so hopefully people would get value for money. Next year's content is already shaping up to be much stronger - some really unique stories soming in and an even stronger lineup of established and new artists.

Owen - Driver for Hire finally got off my drawing board and into print. This is a very limited print run and I'm not expecting huge things from it. It's a style of comic I like - but I would only find about 1% of comics in the comic stores that I do actually like so it goes without saying I'm not appealling to the mass market! I had grand plans of hitting this thorugh Image or PC's creatorline but I doubt it has enough of a market. And my artwork still has some way to go to. It is however all experience and eventually I can produce something worthy of international distribution.

On the business side the only thing I'm getting out of all this is a tax return for Business Losses! In the real world though any business needs a few years to bed in before seeing a return on investment. What we need to opitmise is the print costs, shipping and distribution. No one can buy it if they can't find it - and no point selling through stores unless we can print for less than 25% cover price. I have some avenues to follow up and that's my next lot of homework.

I've now defined the goals for radioTAK and will be working towards these over the next year or two.
Firstly - we want to create good quality comics. I have plans for a few titles next year, mainly Something WIcked 2, more Owen, plus a compilation of my work so far (reworked a bit to bring it up to scratch). We will be focusing a bit more on Manga - solely because it's a wise business decision in the current market - looking at getting more doujinshi, posters, etc as a regular sales booster, along with my own manga. This stuff is great for the convention circuit and our own comics alone isn't enough to justify the costs
Secondly - we've created all these business systems, yet everyone else has done the same - we all seem to be doing all this crap work over and over and it bites into our comic creation time and kills the fun. What I want to do is provide the business stuff for other creators so they can get on with the fun of creating - and hopefully churn out more actual pages a year. I'm working the feasability of this at the moment and you will definately be the first to know if it becomes a reality. I am exploring setting up a Print on Demand service - once again need to assess the feasability and will mean we will have to take non-comic work as well to make it viable. Once again - watch this space! Expanding on that - we woould eventually like to put ourselves in the position of being like Image - publishing creator-owned titles to a higher standard and wider audience. We have a lot of undiscovered talent here and I hope to help get it noticed.

For me personally I'm hoping to get myself a foot in with the big boys - so I'll be doing a lot of drawing for submissions. Got a few things happening there so we'll wait and see. I know it will mean a lot of knockbacks but I've got a thick skin! Like I said I still have a way to go but it gets better from comic to comic so not unreasonable to think I might one day draw for a major. Hey we all have to have dreams right? And I already accomplished most of what I set out to do last year.

Looking at it all realistically - I don't see myself giving up my day-job anytime soon! But we chip away at it a bit more all the time. Money's not my motivator. At the end of the day I just want to stand up and say I did something with my life!

So that's where we're at and where we're going. A big thanks to all those who've helped us over the year, to all the contributors and to our customers, and to Maggie for the Forums!
Troy Kealley

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Postby Laocorn on Sat Dec 17, 2005 6:12 pm

damn theres no emoticon for clapping... Nice round up Troy, where else was Something Wicked reviewed at apart from the one I posted the link to awhile back?
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