DC Contract Scandal!

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DC Contract Scandal!

Postby makepeace on Sun Oct 23, 2005 9:28 am

well, not really ;)

Found this on livejournal, thought it may be of interest:

x-posted from [info]mycomicblog [Oct. 22nd, 2005|05:41 pm]

http://albert.nickerson.tripod.com/crea ... ables.html

This will be interesting for anyone who's ever considered going into comics themselves. This is an actual DC contract for artwork - Dave Sim was going to be doing a three page story (art only) for a Fables tpb that will be coming out next year, and this is the contract he was given, as annotated by himself. DC refused the changes he wanted (including access to the actual sales figures as he didn't want to take their word on it) and so the story, unfortunately for those of us who enjoy both Fables and Cerebus, won't be going ahead.
Interesting to note how low the figure is for the art (considering it's pencils *and* inks, and hearing the numbers that get bandied about on various sites by people who think they know more than they do). And apparently that's exceptionally high for Vertigo - to quote Sim:

"I was told that Vertigo???s top rates for a pencilled and inked page are $350 per page which got pushed up to $500 in my case. I was also told that Vertigo has the lowest rates at DC and that the highest rates are paid for Wildstorm, the second-highest for DC itself. I think it???s idiotic to have three different pay scales at one company and I was going to suggest that I do the story for Vertigo but invoice Wildstorm but decided to "play it straight"???feeling that I owed Bill Willingham the "old college try" as promised???as if accepting the high-end ghetto rate DC was somehow flattering in the way that it was being portrayed to me as being."

The whole site, incidentally, is fascinating stuff. Dave Sim, Steve Bissette and Erik Larsen (and early on Scott McCloud and Rick Veitch (who's posted the occasional thing since in the comicon forum which gets linked to)) discussing copyright law, contracts and comics history (as well as Sim and Larsen actually carrying out negotiations over the proposed Cerebus colour volume in public). Anyone who's at all interested in this stuf should check it out.

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Postby Daren White on Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:02 pm

If you think $350 US per page is low, don't get into comics. Seriously.

$350 x 22 (being the standard DC page count) is $7700. $7700 x 12 is US$92,400 or approximately $120,000 per year. That's for a single monthly title.

Upon re-reading this I suspect it is the original poster commenting upon the low rates, rather than Mike. If not...
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