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Eric Powell

Postby iangould on Tue Jan 25, 2005 7:40 pm

Eric Powell's The Goon is my favorite regular American comic at the moment.

Imagine if, following his departure from Mad magazine, Harvey Kurtzman had teamed up with Wally Wood to do an ongoing parody of EC horrorcomics and Mickey Spillane tough guys.

The Goon, who bears a resemblance to a more realistic version of Pop-eye is the mob boss in a city where, to quote Powell:

"The Nameless Man, the zombie priest, had come to town to build a gang from the dead. But even the Undead fear The Goon!"

Goon (who seems to have no other name) and his sidekick Frankie become the champions of the city more or less by default because:

a. they hate zombies and
b. if everyone gets turned into zombies there won't be anyone left to extort protection money from.

Take a look:
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