Reading vs. Collecting re: Comic book the movie

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Reading vs. Collecting re: Comic book the movie

Postby nonefornic on Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:40 pm

I absolutely love Ghost Rider: 2099. So when some issues I got off E-bay arrived today with a price tags on the cover and one cover majourly ripped, I didn't really care. The pages inside were mint- and so I just read and enjoye the narrative. However, as I looked over the bagged portions of my collection I got to thinking about Comic Book The Movie- particularly the part where Kevin Smith says he doesn't collect comics- he just reads and enjoys them.

I found it odd that I'd happily speant more on what is- not being blind -an average 90's comic recycling Gibson's ideals from the 80's and Stan Lee's from the dawn of Marvel than I did frantically collecting those first-printing single issues of Hush...

I'm just curious (as most academics are) if this is a unique phenomina in my skull or if anyone else feels the same...
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Postby evilbindi on Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:51 pm

I find myself somewhere between the two idea, I collect comics with a great story which I love and I take good care of them. I used to be very picky about the way they were kept but now I've chilled out about that; Except with my silver age collection, thats a whole other story :D
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