Justine Shaw, the coolest of the cool

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Justine Shaw, the coolest of the cool

Postby maggie on Sat Jan 01, 2005 6:12 pm

Anyone who's never read Nowhere Girl should dash right over and do so now. Go on. Go! Shoo! She was nominated for an Eisner, and for good reason.

So, anywhoey, Justine is a bit of an idol of mine. Reading NG was like my first finding (and devouring) Love & Rockets. She's inspired me so much... and I've blabbered on and on to her in email about how cool she is... just like some high school kid. hehe

And now I wanna rave about the fact that she did a Katie Galaxy pinup for me!!!
First, go read her comic! That's the most important thing I wanna say. Then check out:
(I need to get up a proper page for gift art. MattyB also did an awesome pinup that's in there if you snoop around)

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