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Jon Sommariva's mail-outs archive

Postby maggie on Wed Dec 15, 2004 11:04 am

Here you'll find an archive of Sommariva's mailing list. If you wish to join and get em while they're hot off the... errr... press, e-mail redj @ (remove the spaces before and after the @) with the subject "Add me to your list". They'll be posted here a day or so after they go out.

(This thread is locked so as to keep the archive clean. Feel free to post comments in the 'Jon Sommariva' thread in this forum.)
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WELCOME!! December 13 2004

Postby maggie on Wed Dec 15, 2004 11:09 am

WELCOME!! December 13 2004

Hello & Welcome to the very first Red J mailout!

I really have no idea how to make these things look very fancy or anything, so for the most part these mail-outs will consist of abit (alot) of writing and hopefully some??cool images for you guys to check out. First of all, let me say a big THANKS to all of you who have shown interest in signing up for the mailing list. There has been a great response and I'm very pleased that there is alot of you guys out there who are keen to see extra art n stuff from me. Thanks! Hopefully I??can make all this a worthwhile experience. At any stage, if you don't wanna receive these any more, just send an email requesting to be taken off, and it shall be done!
Note: Some people have not been able to click on the links to view images, so I'm just gonna paste url's from now on, and hopefully they will be clickable! If not, just copy n paste. If you don't know how to do that then you better ask somebody....

Alot of people have been wondering what the hell I have been up to since finishing up on Go Boy 7 in the comic book world. Well, I proudly present to you mailing list faithfull friends of mine the first taste of what I have been cooking up. The book is gonna be called Bamboo, and you can find out what its gonna be about, plus some concept images and a team shot over on Mr. Andrew Dabbs (ghostbusters, megacity909)??website. Andrew has helped me bring this project to life and we have some really cool stuff in the works for this comic. I'm pretty excited about it, as I feel we are gonna create a book which champions the way??a comic book should look and feel when created with ultra passion and love for the medium. Thats my goal for this project, anyway.??Also gotta give a shout out to Mr. Serge LaPointe who is doing the most kick ass job inking my pencils and helping us bring the art side of things to life.

Click on the link, and also check out some of the other stuff Andrew is working on to be released next year. Rumour has it that there may be nude midgets running around his site, so beware!!



Bamboo line-up: <151kb

Stay tuned for alot more??Bamboo stuff in upcomming mail-outs. You heard it here first!

All the Led Heads will be familiar with this little bit of info. Over at my studio website I have started a fun little project with a fellow artist and friend who goes by the name of Seed. He is the same artist who can be credited for the nice cover colours on the second Go Boy 7 trade. Basically we take forum members character designs and create 'chibi' versions each month. For those not saavy to what a chibi would be, it is basically a midget deformed version of a character who tends to have a large head and cute look about them. I would really only use the term chibi when refering to actual manga art, and since my influence is much more rooted in grafitti/ disney art, I couldnt say I am doing authentic chibis here. This is why i decided to name them 'led chibis'.

Anyone interested in finding out more can visit this thread over at ledheavy:

and here is the art produced by this project so far:??

October: ... onboy.jpg?? 184 kb

November: ... llowJ.jpg?? 135 kb

Something I havnt really done before online is show some of my process when approaching a piece. These days I do alot of drawing with a blue pencil to get my forms and layout happening, and then go in with a lead pencil to put down the final lines. Alot of people ask me how I keep my pages so clean and pencils tight. I think alot of that has to do with my process.

In case your wondering, I did this piece for no other reason than fun in my spare time. The paper size is A4 smooth bristol board, which is roughly half the size of a standard comic art board. All the files in this section are low res. No bigger than 500kb I think.
Step 1: Blue pencils. Usually when I am gonna do a pin-up/ cover and especially sequential art I will do a thumbnail sketch. With this image there was no thumbnail, and as you will see alot of the working out was done with a blue pencil. This step is probably the most important, as all the working out is done in the early stages. ... iors01.jpg

Step 2: Here I started with the foreground girl. Fixed her face to make her really pretty and gave her nice thick linewieghts to make her pop from the background. Once she was done I went back into the blues and fixed girl number 2. Looking back I think her arm is a little straight n stiff, but anyway... I think I added that arm just to give her more volume on the page. It also helped emphasise that she was infront of girl number 3. ... iors02.jpg

Step 3: Here I penciled the next girl from the foreground and again, went in and messed with the blue pencils of the last girl. Most notably I got rid of her wings and changed thw sword. I also foreshortened her arm with the big hand comming out towards us as it looked quite akward before. Its not uncommon at all for me to go back into a drawing and keep refining the blue pencils till it looks right. ... iors03.jpg

Final image: And here is the scan of the final drawing with the blue pencils taken out. Its really as simple as scanning the image in greyscale and messing with your levels. There ya go....clean pencils ready to ink or colour. ... chicks.jpg

Depending on the response I may do more process stuff in future mail-outs. Please let me know if this has been helpful or interesting, and if there may be anything else you might like to know about my process when approaching my artwork. I will try and address everything I can in future mail-outs!

I sent an email out not too long ago to try and reach as many people as I knew who might be interested in receiving these mail-outs. There was a bunch of art not seen elsewhere included in the invite which I will now add here for those who missed out. Those who have seen this stuff, please bear with me, or if you like, skip along to the next section....whatever tickles your fancy!??

This first piece is a comission I did not too long ago. The guy asked for either Dr. Strange or Wolverine, and I kinda felt like drawing both, so this was the result. Dunno why I drew such crazy eyes on wolvie, but I just felt like it I guess. Bzzzt! ... olvie.jpg?? 236kb

OK....this next one of Superman was a sketch I did just mucking around in my sketch book. I actually thought I did a pretty bad job on his muscles n stuff, but I wanted something to play around with some colours on, and this was the result. I thought it looked kinda cool in the end so..... ... ketch.jpg?? 387 kb

Finally, another comission done recently. An Aussie creation called 'the Void'. This one is currently being coloured by Seed, so hopefully we will see the finished version soon. ... ilssm.jpg?? 318kb

From the reports I have heard, the Go Boy 7 trade Vol. 2 is out now in stores. I still havnt seen it, but I'm gonna hunt it down soon enough. For any of you who picked up the first one, I can assure you that the second one is by far and beyond better, with a nicer cover, sketch section, and better pencils from me :) Brian Augustyn wrote it, and its a fun little book to read all the way through. I will post some more Go Boy 7 pencils n other behind the scenes stuff in future mail-outs once I see what actually made it to the sketch section!??

In case you have not yet seen the cover, you can find it here: ... cover.jpg?? <264kb

For those who didnt catch the Go Boy 7 interview at the Pulse, you can find it here:

?? ??

Well, I hope this first installment of my mail-out was fun for you as it was for me. There will be plenty more new art n other stuff comming to your inbox soon. I will be doing this at least once a month if not twice depending on what things I have.??If you guys like what you see, and know of anyone else who you think might be interested please feel free to ivite them to join for future episodes. They can do so by simply sending an email to the following address along with the subject line: Add me to your list!!

Also, any comments, feedback, questions etc can be sent directly to me by replying to this email, and I will either address them in the next mailout or through email replys. Thankyou for your time!

Happy Holidays and stay safe!

Till the next one,
Jon Sommariva.
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January 2005

Postby maggie on Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:51 pm

Ladies & Germs!! Welcome to the second installment of the Red J (Jon Sommariva) art mailouts.

Well, the list has grown a fair bit since I first put the word out there, and its great to have a bit of an audience to communicate with, not just through my words, but also with my art. I want to thank everyone who wrote back and gave me some feedback, and although I did reply to many of the emails,??I would like to just say an overall THANKS??to everyone.

Let me just say that??ALOT has happened since the last mailout and this installment is gonna be full of some interesting bits of info, as well as overflowing with new art files, and as always your reactions will be kindly appreciated. I probably got the biggest response in regards to the 'process' section from the last mail-out. Some of you were in it just for the sexy ladies, but the majority seemed to enjoy getting a peek at the way I do things around here, so you can expect more of this in future mail-outs, and I'll see what I can dig up for this edition. Another thing which afew people requested was some hi res versions of images for inking and colouring, so I will chuck some of them in here as well....

??Enjoy :)

OK.... Since this is the current project I am working on, you guys will be hearing alot about it from me as the months pass. With any luck we should have some REAL announcements by next month, as in when exactly this will come out and who will be publishing it, but for now I want to share some more concept art with you guys. For anyone who is interested, there are??actually 6 pages of issue 1 fully pencilled and some of those are already inked and coloured. Andrew Dabb, who is writing the story, has written a fantastic outline for the first 6 issues, so I know its gonna be a fun ride.??I have really been having a ball creating the world of Bamboo and its inhabitants, so this is a look at some of those characters we will meet soon.

Krylene: She is shaping up to be one of my favourites. She is 'more than meets the eye' ... ol_sm.jpg?? 320kb

Some more pencils from my sketch book of miss Bootyfull Krylene: 387kb

The first 'finished' drawing of Gin. Note that the title was originally to be Bamboo Shoot Fighters, but I felt that Bamboo by itself was a pretty cool title: 265kb

A bunch of early Escher designs and sketches: 392kb

Mogu, the Funghi Warlord....leader of all mushroom people. yes...I like him: ... ordsm.jpg?? 240kb

More Bamboo is definately on its way...stay tuned ;)


??Yes...the guy with a wierd expression is me. I believe a good picture can tell 1000 words, and this is how I will summarise this scenario.

Wellllll.... this is quite possibly the biggest announcement from me for this mail-out. I am no longer a part of led heavy. Being a part of led heavy was a great experience. I had fun with it. I helped create this name, as well as build it up for close to 4 years, but the time has come for me to move on.??I don't want to go into any details about it really, but I will say that I am very hyped about whats in store for the future. For you led-heads out there, don't worry, I will still be around and drop by every now and then on the forums. The Chibi project will continue at a new venue, and there will be plenty more art for sure. This leads me nicely into the next big on friends....>


Yes...another odd looking expression. This time it is one of smug pride. Besides drawing,??I also enjoy taking photos with my mobile phone. Mostly of myself behaving strangely (which is kinda normal around here.) is a good life...

With the ending of one thing, begins another. I am proud to present my first ever personal web site on the WWW. Right now its a little bare (although flowing with new art) as it is abit of a work in progress. I just wanted to get something up there for people to see my new art at least, and also have a little fun with. I suck as a designer, but I will do what I can to make it interesting.??Keep an eye out as the site will keep growing as we finish the different sections and get the designs finalised. I guess you could say the site is under construction, but at least there are new and old images to view for now. The most important feature of the finished site will be REGULAR updates....Trust me....its no where near finished. Expect another mail-out once things are closer to being complete! Any suggestions or ideas for things you would like to see on the site would be appreciated, so if you got any thoughts, please do send them over. The url:

A look at the Red Ninja dude. Pencils and colours: 268kb

Some say he appears to have a Red Koopa Troopa shell on his shoulder.... I say "interesting theory".

OK.....So, for this months 'process' section I decided to dig up an oldie, since I did happen to make some scans of the steps as I went along. This might sound slightly retarded, but I actually quite enjoy opening my drawings in??Windows picture & fax viewer, and flicking through each stage of my drawing and watching it grow. This is how I end up with the scans of drawings at each stage. Most likely by next month,??I want to do one of these things showing how I deal with an actual page of sequential art, but for now I thought??an image you might be familiar with would be the go....So here I go:


Go Boy 7 Trade 2 cover:

Step 1: Thumbnail ... tep01.jpg?? 255kb

I tend to be rather messy and fast with my thumbnails. At this stage I really just want to work out the basic idea of what I am trying to communicate, so things tend to be pretty rough. The size of the thumb for this cover was drawn at about 4x4cm's which is tiny. I also drew some random go boy 7 chibis around the page which you should be able to spot just to get the feel for these characters as mini's. If you look at the actual group shot tumbnail you can see that alot of the ideas which made it onto the final cover are actually there. The professor sitting with a chess board, jonny in the middle and jett girl flying at the top/back.

Step 2: Rough blue pencils ... tep02.jpg?? 214kb

At this stage is where I constructed the whole piece, and got everything worked out how I want it to look on the final image. The drawing was done using my usual weapon of choice for this stage??which is the col-erase non photo blue pencil. (more on this later) Looking back at this image now, I find it interesting that there is such a lack of construction lines in my forms. This is due to 2 reasons.

??1 - because this is a scan of the final blue lines, so alot of the construction has been worked over and erased.

2 - because I feel very comfortable drawing these cute chibi characters, so in general minimal construction is used. Sometimes they just come out first go.

Step 3: final pencils ... tep03.jpg?? 248kb

Here are the final pencil outlines which I put down. I like to use a H lead pencil for this stage. One thing about drawing in this style is that I very conciously try to keep the line weights very even. The colouring (or digital painting)??is what is going to give the final image its real form, so I dont try doing that with the line weights when I draw in this style. Needless to say, you have to have alot of trust for your colourist is you are gonna try this. And I should mention here that I think Seed delivered above and beyond on that front.

Step 4: Colour guide ... tep04.jpg?? 52kb

I am putting this step in here so that you guys can see a little of what is involved in the colour process, at least from my perspective. I put together this very quick colour guide for Seed to follow so he knew what to do with each character.

Step 5: Colour corrections ... tep05.jpg?? 281kb

This stage is what I would have to call the "true test of what your made of".... Often there is alot of tweaking that needs to be done to get an image looking just right. Being that I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to art stuff,??I can be a bit of a pain in the ass at times, cause I always want to make sure everything looks 100%. I think a sign of professionalism in your work is rolling with these 'changes' which we need to make to get things right, and just getting on with the job till its finished. Again, Seed is a great example of a guy who knows how to get through these problems and deliver. You know I love you man :) haha

Step 6: Final image
You've seen it 100 times, well, here it is again: ... tep06.jpg?? 237kb
In this section, which I very cleverly named splicing my name with that of a comic book character, I would like to share some of the various commissions I??did in the last few months of 2004. Some of them have been taken to various stages of finishedness, so I'll post those up for you guys to check out, as well as some hi-res versions for anyone wanting to take an image even further. Must show some love for Mr. Darrin Moore here who is a long time collaborator with me and friend. Colours courtesy of him on the finished pieces. Inks by that man with the magical inking hand, Serge LaPointe (who is working on a rather cool Batman project at the moment! Congrats!!)

Captain Flam AKA Captain Future in full colour (NEW): 713 kb

Wolverine and Dr. Strange (as seen last month): 250kb

HI REZ VERSION (NEW): ... ncils.jpg?? 3.58 MB

??Miss Florida COLOURS by Blonde(NEW): this one was done as a charity piece for the victims of the florida hurricanes. 737kb

Fantastic Four 'Falling' (NEW): 445kb

Void in COLOUR (NEW): 396kb

Alrighty.....So I finally got my hands on the Go Boy 7 trade 2, and it was certainly a nice little package, even if I do say so myself. If nothing else, it is worth seeing how different artists affect the final look of my pencils. (for me that is). One thing which I found overwhelmingly disapointing however was the sketch section!! I am sorry, but it was piss poor considering the amount of material I gave them to work with. If it had been done my way, this is a taste of what you guys would have seen at the end of the book:

Bioagent colour variations: ... _vars.jpg?? 130kb

When comming up with a colour scheme for Bio Agent, I sent off this little image. I think the final version we went with was pretty much 'C'.

Bioagent final: 327kb

Here is Bioagent in a cool looking pose, coloured by Darrin Moore. I really like the way this one turned out.

Cultist vs Jonny Zero: 92kb

As I geared up to draw the final fight scene between these 2, I decided to draw this in my sketch book. Just for fun I guess.

Jonny pose thumbs:?? ... ketch.jpg?? 122kb 106kb
Some of these made it into the book....They were some rough pose thumbnails I did before going into the final cover for book 1. The second link is a bunch of thumbs which I coloured for fun, and thought they turned out kinda cool.

Inside cover image: ... cover.jpg?? 56kb

??I re-drew the inside cover image of go boy 7 from the actual comic book, so that he had his uniform. i thought it was cool, but it never got used. I always thought it was wierd that we never saw him in uniform till the third issue.

First Go Boy 7 sketches ever: ... ketch.jpg?? 96kb

As the title implies, these were my first ever drawings of the character that became Jonny Zero AKA Go Boy 7. Even though it hurts me to show them, thats what this mail-out list is all about....The normally unsEEn.??

Go Boy psycho: 68kb

One day....instead of doing what I was actually meant to be doing (which was drawing pages from the comic book), I decided to come up with a wierd Go Boy 7 story line of my own. Basically I thought it would be cool if he had an evil twin who would kick everybodys ass and take over the comic. This is how he was meant to look. His name was to be Rasha. The story behind that name is too long and rediculous to really tell.??

Stronghold: 133kb

Designing this character was pretty easy and straight forward. the basic description was to imagine the tick crossed with captain america.

UNUSED cover for book 1: ... thumb.jpg?? 91kb ... nused.jpg?? 171kb

First link is the thumbnail, and the second one is the final image...I think I actually like this better than the one that they went with in the end. Most likely because I have seen the other one many times now and have become sick of it since.

This weekend, on the 22nd of January I am attempting a strange public display of artism. I announce it in case you are a Canberran who might be free on the day, and interested in comming along. The demonstration will begin at 10am and go for roughly 3 hrs. I will be drawing a comic book page on an A1 size piece of paper on centre stage at Belconnen mall. I will be getting my brother to film the shindig for me, and hopefully we can work out how to make it available on my web site in the future. Art from that particular event should show up in the next mail-out.

Last time I mentioned that I would possibly address some emails in this section, and although I am not in the bussiness of sharing others emails to me in public, there was one email which was kinda funny and cool, so I thought I would share it here, along with my response, as I feel others may find it helpful...

From a man who goes by the name Versache the Barbarian:

First let me thank you for sending the mail out and congratulate you on
it.?? Excellent stuff! As an aspiring comic artist (at the tender age of
thirty three) I am very keen to see how the process goes from sketch to
ink and then to jpeg.?? The blue pencils are a marvel, and whilst I was
vaguely familiar with their use I didn't realise how easy they make the
transition from inked rough to screen ready inked picture.?? I usually
end up tracing things a few times or rubbing out pencils from inked
pictures.?? What a colossal waste of time that appears to have been.??
??From what you've said I can just bleache the blue out by playing with
the levels (in photoshop?).?? Great!
Now, are the blue pencils some sort of specially made product only
available from a midget with a rolled up carpet and sold in the
dustiest corner of some forgotten market, or will a Windsor Cobalt Blue
work just as well?
Versache the Barbarian
My response to you Mr. Barbarian:

The particular blue pencil that??I use is a brand called col-erase, and it is their actual 'non-photo' blue pencil. I have tried many different types of blue pencil out, and I found these to be the best. one of the things that stands out most about these is the fact that they leave no waxy surface on your board, so the lead shows up beautifully. Also, they are great because you can erase them! The sad thing about these pencils is that (A) I have only found them available in North America, and (B) from what I hear, they are a discontinued line....Fortunately I bought a very large amount of them, and I still have a stash to this day, but they will run out eventually. At this time I will search for that midget with the rolled up carpet and hi-jack the rest of his stock!!

??Thanks, and glad you are enjoying the mail-outs! Its my pleasure to do them, and when i receive such feedback it makes it all worth it :)

Thats about all I got for now. Hope you guys enjoyed this months showing of works. As I mentioned last time,??if you guys like what you see, and know of anyone else who you think might be interested please feel free to ivite them to join for future episodes. They can do so by simply sending an email to the following address along with the subject line: Add me to your list!!

Also, any comments, feedback, questions etc can be sent directly to me by replying to this email, and I will either address them in the next mailout or through email replys. Don't forget to keep an eye out on as I will do my best to get the word out there that it is the place to find new art from me from now on.

If at any time you do NOT wish to receive these mail-outs anymore, please just send me an email saying so, and I will remove you from the list happily.

Happy New Year to you all, and I hope it is filled with joy and good luck!

Till the next one,
Jon Sommariva.
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Super Chicken Man Strikes :: Febuary 28 2005

Postby maggie on Tue Mar 01, 2005 12:38 pm

Super Chicken Man Strikes :: Febuary 28 2005

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the 3rd installment of the Red J (Jon Sommariva) Art mailouts.

First of all I would like to say welcome to all the new people who have just joined us and I hope you enjoy what I have in store here. Its great to see new people joining up all the time, and I think you will come to find that this isnt your average internet spam mail-out newsletter press release type of thing. So yeah....WELCOME :) To the rest of you....welcome back :) Hope you enjoy this next chapter. It is a mamoth of sorts, and I have had to save many sections for the future, as it was getting abit long.

This month I have a fair bit of new art to share as well as all sorts of announcements and general news, plus a report from my little live-drawing stunt which happened at the??end of last??month. I'm also gonna try and include a number of hi-res files for you inkers and colourists as I have received a fair bit of requests for them lately.

As always, I hope you enjoy the following ramblings :)

- Intro

- Contents

- I'm a Deviant [ART LINK]

- Bamboo [ART]

- Buckshot LaBelle [ART]

- News

- [ART]

- Process :: Megaman Megamix [ART]

- Red Chibi Project [ART]

- Blanka Inks [ART]

- Prize and Competition [SKETCH]

- Valentines Ladies & archives [ART]

- Sketchbook Section [ART]

- Report :: Live drawing demonstration [ART + PHOTOS]

- Big ups & Shout-outs [LINKS]

- Feedback

I'M A DEVIANT!!! 50kb

Now....for those who don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry...I have not developed some wierd fetish for furry manga animals or anything.

I have recently signed up and created an account on Deviant Art. It is an awesome community for artists, and everyone there is really great and friendly. I am having a very fun time, but more importantly it is an avenue for me to post regular new images and get a little interaction happening between myself and those who like my work.

Some of the links in this mail-out go to my deviant art page, and you can always click on the image itself to get a look at a larger version.

Until my official website is ready to go, this is the place to find new art n stuff. Please drop on by and check in the rest of the newsletter, then follow the link ;)

This month I only have a very small offering of Bamboo stuff for you guys. I know I said last month that we were hoping to have some announcements in regards to the project this time round, but things have been moving at a very slow pace so far due to no ones fault, but the fact that everyone involved with this project is quite heavily commited in some way or another to other work. Rest assured the project is still going ahead, and it will be ready to go when its ready to go. In the meantime I hope you guys enjoy being kept up to date through this newsletter, and enjoy watching the process we go through on the road to getting this comic book out there and published. I will do what I can to keep the information flowing freely, but it has to be said that progress on this project will be slow for a little while longer yet...

Here are some more previously unseen sketches:

Random page from my sketch book. This is some of the real early stuff.??The little Krylene head at the top was my initial idea for her hair and looks. the idea grew from that head sketch. 440 kb

Enter Morgan: ... gansm.jpg?? 70kb

Morgan is the name of our main overall villain. She is sly and sexy, but our heroes will not even really be aware of her for quite sometime. I wanted to go for a dark black and white look for her. I also thought it would be cool to make her asian. i like the thought of having a very diverse world rich with many different races and cultures including many of those from our own world. 150 kb

Morgans men :: The Black hats. An army of these wierd looking troops. I guess these guys are my tribute to Vaughn Bode in this comic. Bamboo is chock full of all sorts of little tributes and odes to many of my favourite things. vaughn Bodes art being one of them. 370 kb

Another good example of this would be Krylene, who is my tribute to Grafitti art, hip hop, Super Nintendos and beautiful girls. For those who havnt is my first attempt at Krylene before I got her face, and more importantly body correct: ... ol_sm.jpg?? 180 kb

and here is Krylene in character: ... ol_sm.jpg?? 320 kb

As a result of things moving a little slowly on Bamboo I decided that I would like to work on another comic book project on the side. I had been offered quite afew different things which were possibilities, but ultimately I wanted to work on another idea which I had been kicking around.

Afew years back I was approached by a guy named Troy Wall to work on a Digital Webbing Presents story with him. His script was fantastic and very dramatic compared to anything I had worked on, and his timing was also very good, so i decided to do it. Troy's writing is really on another level, and I always find his ideas to be very fresh, so i asked him if he would like to work on this idea with me, and that is how this comic has started to develop. We are definately cooking up some very cool ideas, and I cant wait to share more about htis project in the future.

I wont say much about the plot or anything just yet, as its all still very new, but I will share these first 2 images which show the look and style of the book as well as the initial character designs.

Aimee LaBelle, our title character: ... oursm.jpg?? 180kb

An Enforcer (upholders of the law in our little world) ... colsm.jpg?? 280kb

This is my tough guy look >> 50kb

OK...I wasnt totally sure where to put this, but I felt it was worth a mention as some of you may be wondering what the hell exactly it is that is keeping me from getting my books out there as well as other art from my end.

Some of you may have noticed the title Super Chicken man....well, lets just say that I am working a fulltime job at the moment which has nothing to do with art at all, and has alot to do with chickens. Why am I doing this? Love! (of course)....and Money!! Not love OF money either, cause if that were the case I wouldnt be drawing comics as a career choice ;) I am planning on moving to BRAZIL for 7 months starting in June, so I will be out of Australia for a while, and drawing my ass off more than ever starting in June.

'Till then, there will be a trickle of art, but after that will be the flood....prophetic J. Definately planning on catching up with you Brazilian artists when I get there too, so look out!!

This is more of a news item I guess, so it goes here...For anyone interested in using the very same col-erase non photo blue pencils I use for my under-sketching, you can get in touch with Adam from the ART STORE in Belconnen. He's got the goods available now. If anyones interested, I suggest that you get in touch with them, as I get the feeling that the supply will be limited.

WWW.REDJART.COM[devart page]

First of all a look at the Red J title page ninja coloured by Seed. Boy he's good (Seed that is), and there is plenty more in store from us.

As for the web page itself, I have left it in the good hands of Mr. Ozcomics himslef, Darren Close. Dazzler is designing my website completely and I have left it all up to him, so I am quite keen to see what it looks like when its ready to go. Again, as with Bamboo, it will be ready when its ready, and you guys will most likely be first to know about it.

For this months process section I wanted to share a piece which was VERY fun for me to draw, because it is near and dear to my heart. Probably one of the first ever characters I really fell in love with was mega man. The capcom style was so new and fresh at the time, and I was blown away by the art which you would find in the games manuals. In particular that of mega man 3. Those were the days when inspirado flowed massively and I was very impressionable as to the kind of art which would shape my style in the future. I always wished I could draw mega man the way those guys did.

A buddy of mine who goes by the name "Sevenfour" created an assignment which was to take characters from comic books and create some mega man robot bosses. Usually there are 8 in a game, so thats what most people went for. Following is the steps I took to create this piece.

Step 1: The sketch stage ... page01.jpg ... page02.jpg

In my sketch book is where I do all of my planning. In this case it was who I would pick to draw, how would I go about designing them and keeping with the look of megaman, and what sort of piece would I draw for the final. These sketches represent all of the answers to those questions.

Step 2: Blue pencils round 1 650kb

I have found more and more since being aware of my drawing habits that I tend to actually do 2 passes with the blue pencils in most drawings. Firstly is where I get all my shapes happening, as well as the layout and composition. From here its good to step back and see whats working and what isnt. Theres no point getting into finer details just yet, because alot of this needs further refining.

Step 3: Blue pencils round 2 kb

In this stage is where I tighten up the sketch further, and make sure I am happy with all the faces, design elements and make sure everything is working. Note that one of the characters was completely changed here from "hulk" to juggernaut! Why did I do this? Cause my hulk was absolutely crappy looking and not recognisable. Since I only had this one shot at establishing who these guys really were meant to be, I went with Juggz, since his helmet is very recognisable and with colours, `i think it made it more obvious.

Step 4: Final clean pencils 230 kb

This is where I polish the image and give it its final line look. In keeping with the mega man style of art I didnt worry about line- weights too much, although I did slightly darken the outline of each character to make them pop slightly.

Step 5: Colours ... final.jpg?? 747kb

In keeping with the capcom style I went with the cell shade type colouring. I think it turned out quite well on this piece, and it did turn out quite authentic. I guess the biggest challenge with a piece like this is keeping it all united with so many different colours and costumes. It is tricky.


Here is the version of this piece which was coloured by Seed. It was great to see the piece finished in his style, and as always I think he did quite a bang-up job. 3.4MB

And here is the hi res pencils for any inkers and colourists wanting to take a shot at it.

The challenge for an inker would be to make this piece work in black n white adding weights and textures to create a piece which is visually interesting without the use of colour. Keeping that in mind, this piece is very open to interpretation, and I think you could really have alot of fun with it. Would be cool to see.

Still havnt worked out how or where to continue with this project. One idea I was thinking of doing is starting a deviation on Deviant Art where people can post links to their creations in the comments, and Seed and I can just pick chibis to draw from there from now on. I think that will be the go, so for you Deviants out there, keep an eye out for it.

I did a combo drawing for the months of December and January, and this was the result:

Colours by Seed:[deviant page]

HI REZ...please feel free to add your own flavour to these lines: ... HIRES.jpg?? 1.6MB

Sketch of this months chibi. With a little luck you might be able to make sense of these scribbles :) ... etch01.jpg ... etch02.jpg

Havnt had a chance to finish the final lines as yet, so here is a sneak peak scan of the sketch for Febuary's chibi. Original design by a guy who goes by the name of Monk. Look out, cause he is developing some wicked skills in the colouring department. First sketch is my first attempt, but I felt that the pose was static, so I came up with undersketch number 2. I may just end up penciling both versions tho, and see if Monk wants to colour one of them....what do you think??? (I'm not sure what the characters name is yet either?

TO INK OR NOT TO INK:[deviant page]

Wellll...after many years of not inking a single thing of my own I have been getting inspired to get back into it of late. I do enjoy having a nice piece of finished art in my hands, but when I know there are dudes (and dudettes ;) out there who can ink my work a million times better than myself (and I do prefer inks much more than darkened pencils for that slick comic book look) I kinda shy away from it.

But still,??I like to have fun with the inks and get my hands dirty, so here's a look at my first go, with more to follow soon![devart page - colours by Chamba. He has the slick studio F look happening][devart page - this is my cheap colours, but I like the electricity]

Here are some coloured versions of the Blanka inks so far. This guy Chamba, is someone I have met online, and a local Aussie dude who has some really sweet art on his deviant web page. Feel free to have a browse through his stuff. ... itmap.jpg?? 1.9MB

Here are the hi res inks of Blanka for anyone wanting to have a try at their interpretaion of this piece which afew people seem to enjoy having a go at so far :)

PRIZE WINNER: ... ketch.jpg?? 155 kb

When I started this mail-out list I thought I would do something nice for someone if enough people signed up. I thought that I would make a drawing prize for the 111th person to join up. At the end of January that happened, and the winner is Kwinz. I have started on your piece as requested (Nike Air ninja), but its not quite done yet. It will be inked when finished in a style similar to what I did on the blanka piece. Hope you like it so far man!

I would like to come up with future mail-out contests with sketch prizes for you guys, so any suggestions on a comp would be very much appreciated, plus it gives me the chance to give you guys something in return for reading through all this long-windedness...heh

In fact, the maker of the best suggestion for a good future comp will receive an A4size inked con style??drawing featuring your character/creation of choice (free)....let me know what you guys think!


In the very first mail-out where I introduced the concept of doing process articles I featured tha making of this particular piece. Now here it is in glorious Moore colours for you guys to enjoy. Since he coloured it in time for Valentines day, we went with that theme.

For those of you who have only just joined us on this 3rd outing, there is a place online (Pulpfaction forums) where you can find an archive of sorts of the mail-outs to get you up to speed. All links should still be working, as I have kept the images on my server for this purpose. I am hoping that on my actual website we will feature an actual archives section which will contain the images within the articles rather than links n more photos and other random randomness which I can dig up...should be fun. Mr. Close?

I have decided to add another new section to the mail-outs which will feature pages scanned directly from my actual sketchbook. I will try and do at least 2 or 3 with each mail-out. Most of this stuff is what i draw either for fun or for warm-ups when getting ready for the real finished pieces....although, alot of finished stuff appears in the sketchbook too. 800 kb

I wanted to play around with some coloured pencils which my lady gave me as a gift, and this was something I came up with. It was all done very loosely and quickly, so it was pretty fun. 489 kb

This one is just a page of random heroes I like to draw to loosen up a little. Wolvie is always a favourite of mine, as is Bats. Alot of this is just me trying to get used to the feel of the pencil. Honestly it never takes this many drawings to get warmed up, but you do tend to zone out when drawing fun stuff and I just get carried away with it. The result is lots of pages like this in my sketch books. I go through roughly 100 pages of sketch book every few months with doodles like this.

So last month I did abit of a live drawing demonstration at a shopping mall here in Canberra. It was a pretty small thing really, but there was alot of kids there who were getting into the drawing which was nice to see. The interesting thing was to realise the massive potential that this avenue has for getting people to look at and apreciate comic book art. I think if there was more exhibitions featuring lots of actual comic art and artists??people around the world could certainly develop more of an interest in this medium. I picture something like a mini artist alley being on display in the mall environment...Could be so cool. Or I could just be day dreaming....Anyway, following are some photos from the day with descriptions, plus the actual art files detailing the process when approaching a page of sequential art.

This is me and Adam from the art store. We got there bright and early, and I felt that I had been robbed of my precious sleeping time :) Note that the t-shirt says it all...

So I got stuck into the first drawing right away. Adam asked if I could draw a charicature of him in some sort of pose...

...and there I was standing in the middle of a shopping mall, drawing on a big piece of paper, getting high off the marker fumes...

Stepping back looking at the final image...thinking...."how do I always wind up in these situations"...heh.

The kids seemed to like the wierd looking guy witht he big screaming mouth. They thought the drawing was alright too.

The begining of "inking" the big sequential page.

So much to draw and so little time!!

Sadly, this is as far as I got on this piece, and I still havnt gone back and finished it off....maybe one day...

Well...this stuff is probably alot more interesting than those photos, so here it is for you guys to check out. Here you can see the thumbnails I did to demonstrate how I would normally come up with a layout for a page of sequential art, keeping the natural flow we read in in mind, and also the line of action: ... ailssm.jpg

Next is the rough blue pencils on the actual board:

followed by the finished cleaned up pencils: ... cilssm.jpg

Here is a handfull of links which I think you guys might like to check out as they are places I frequent or am involved with. > Website of the Aussie breaks/hip hop outfit from Brissy. Their new cd is out and it features cover art from me. Rumour also has is that I featured on a track with them showing off some lyrical gymnastics ;) (who would have known??) Website of the kick ass artist himself. Check out his forum as he is currently posting tonnes of new art and sketches as well as cool info. I get all excited reading his words....but seriously....the guy puts a truck-load of effort into his work in research and everything. it is why he is who he is. > Brazilian comic book artist buddy of mine. Great artist and Great person too! ??> Website of Bamboo writer. he keeps it well updated with all of his projects. The guy is a writing unit of force and all his books I have read so far are great reads. By books I mean comics of course as I struggle to read anything not supported by pretty pictures.

What did you think of the contents section? keep it or dump it? Hows about the competition idea? Are you guys interested in this or not? Should I just keep posting more art and less talk? heh. Sometimes its hard to shut me up!!

Perhaps people would rather receive shorter mail-outs but more frequently, like 2 x per month??

Would anyone be interested if I started setting up some EBAY auctions for comissions and other art? Chances are that the first few auctions would go rather cheap till people caught onto it, but I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on this. Just something I have been thinking about doing as a way to make my original works available to others. I have some inked fun stuff (similar to the Blanka piece) which I can handle parting with at a cheap price. Let me know if you would like to be informed if/when I do set this sort of thing up.

Thats about all I got for now. (like it was short!!) Hope you guys enjoyed this months
showing of works. As I mentioned last time, if you guys like what you
see, and know of anyone else who you think might be interested please
feel free to ivite them to join for future episodes. They can do so by
simply sending an email to the following address along with the
subject line: Add me to your list!!

redj @

Also, any comments, feedback, questions, suggestions, cool links etc can be sent directly to me
by replying to this email, and I will either address them in the next
mailout or through email replys. Don't forget to keep an eye out on well as?? as I will do my best to get the word out there that they
are the places to find new art from me from now on.

If at any time you do NOT wish to receive these mail-outs anymore,
please just send me an email saying so, and I will remove you from the
list happily. I promise I won't hold a grudge against you either :)

Best of luck everyone for the next month. Hope you are all very well and safe!

Till the next one,

Jon Sommariv
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12 March 2005

Postby maggie on Mon Mar 14, 2005 3:03 pm

12 MARCH 2005
I thought I would switch things up a little this month for experimental purposes and do a short and sweet version of the mail-out rather than the mammoth which I sent out just a couple of weeks ago. I would just like to say thanks very quickly to all the new people who have signed up, as this is your first taste of my mail-out adventures, and I hope you enjoy it!
Well, as I mentioned last time I was thinking of placing an original piece of art up on ebay to see how it would go, and if there was much interest. The auction is still live, so please feel free to come and have a look. There is approx. 1 day and 5 hrs left.??The drawing is going quite cheap as far as original art goes, so if you know of anyone who might like to add this to their collection or even better to their wall, please let them know! It would be muchly appreciated :)
Here is a link to the auction:

Now that I got the slimey pimping feeling out of my system, we can get into some art stuff!!
Also mentioned in the last mail-out was that I am currently playing around with a new style using some inks which I find quite fun to use. The idea here is to take alot of the things which I love about traditional comic book art, as in rendering techniques and style and blending it with the cartoony, energetic and even chibi-esque work I do. I'm enjoying the results, especially the way the actual product looks in my hands. There was always something very unsatisfying about seeing my comic pages uninked all the time, and there is nothing like inked originals when it comes to real life art....pencils scans are always nice to look at tho :)
Firstly, from the e bay auction, I present Psycho Wolvie:
Here you can see the original pencil drawing and then the finished coloured version. The pencils are exactly what you see in the scan. No blue lines used, as I knew the pencils would be erased, and I didnt want any blue on the original page.
The colours are by a very talented fellow, who is also Aussie, who goes by the name "Chamba" online. There will definately be future collabs between us. Yes.
Here is a look at the scan of the inks in large size, and without crappy ebay watermarks:
Nike Ninja:
Next is a piece which I did for Kwinz because he was the 111th person to sign up for receiving the mail-outs. He requested a ninja holding pencils weapons and sporting nike shoes. The following is the result of that:
Again, the pencils for this drawing are very loose, as I sketched very quickly just to get the pose I wanted.
Inks: SPOILER WARNING FOR KWINZ ONLY....I know you said you wanted to see the original when it arrives at your house, so don't click on the following link if you still want that surprise... For the rest of you, click like you never clicked before!
This one I posted in the last mail-out, but I felt I should post again, just so that I could mention that this piece has sparked a new idea for me. I want to have a series of these drawing done to hang on the walls in my house in nice frames. The theme is Streetfighters, as it is one of my all time favourite games, and I love those characters. Following are the beginning stages of some more streetfighter pieces. Unfortunately, i never made a scan of the pencils for Blanka. the transition from pencils to inks on that piece was pretty big.
For Chunners, I originally drew this version:
?? ... cilssm.jpg
...but I was unsatisfied with the energy in the piece and the pose seemed too front on and stiff, so I had another shot at her. Here is version 2...this is the one I have chosen to ink. What do you guys think?
?? ... cilssm.jpg
Man...this guy is fun to draw. I think he is gonna kick much ass in coloured form. I am thinking of changing his hand which is closest to the camera tho, as it needs a tweak on the fingers.
?? ... cilssm.jpg
??Well, thats it for this time round. I am currently working on a bunch of commissions, so hopefully I can show them next time, along with more inks and pencils from the streetfighter series. I plan on doing more thematically geared pieces like these in the future including X-Men and Starwars as the next ones I would like to do.
Final thought
??As if I was Jerry Springer... I would like to get some feedback on the e bay auction idea. Do you guys think I should do more like this? Any suggestions for images you would like to see go up for adoption? Are people actually interested in owning original pieces? ??As always, any and all feedback is welcome weather good or bad, so please do not hesitate!
Thanks for reading!
??See you soon!!

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